An extremely toxic human

A few days ago I played BR and the match was lost. The match itself doesn’t have any real problem in it. Even if there was, one of my teammates would show their frustration with pings/added me to show their frustration after match. But what happened after the match was disturbing for me.

After the match a player added me just to insult me with profanity in Indonesian, and deleted me from their friends list.

If the player was my teammate I would have discussed on where I was wrong and where the person either. But I was baffled since the player was not my teammate, so I was curious on why would they insulted me and added the player to ask them why would they do that.

After a while the player accepted the request while I was in-match so I didn’t know. But after the match I saw a similar message with the same profanity in Indonesian.

I used a different account with no connection with my account nor that player. The result was the same, the player insulted an account that did not had anything to do with them with a profanity in Indonesian.

This experience really frustrates me and it has an effect on my surroundings. I had a fight with my family because of my bad mood caused by that player.

I contacted SEMC through e-mail since that account can ruin many player’s mood but I didn’t hear anything back from SEMC.

I know that toxicity is a problem that may not be solved completely, but toxicity on this level is too much and I feel like SEMC need to do more to prevent it.

He’s a real life super villain lmao


Lmao you really know how to handle problems

SEMC needs like one day to process it, much like Windows XP

That player can ruin anyone’s mood. The problem is new players might feel offended and came to a conclusion that VG is a game where only “Pro” can exist, and leave. Therefore only experienced players who already understands VG’s environment survives.

I contacted them about 24 hours ago, still have time to wait then haha.

Took me two days until I got my support done and ready, so don’t get your hopes low, daddy :heart: :vg_: :vg_caution:

So you tracked him down with a smurf account and your calling him toxic? Just leave him alone already you big stalker!!! :ear_of_rice::eyes::ear_of_rice:

Don’t make me stalk you too later

I’m disappointed with SEMC support, I got harrassed in PM’s by a guy yelling “kill all n—ers”, I emailed support but no response.

When it comes to technical problems they are fast to respond, but I guess they don’t see player toxicity as a significant problem.

It is though. Especially racial slurs like the one the guy used. I’m not African American but if I was I’d be pretty pissed off.

you should ignore him the first time…

If I don’t, my curiosity would eat me alive

better be eaten alive than swatting another person with a smurf, i guess. i think tracking him down with another account was unnecessary, who knows, maybe he has some kind of condition, you never know :confused: it’s best to just let it be the time youre trash talked by tonys B, there is almost no way to reflex block it anyway

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