An App For Forum?!

You should release an application for this forum. In play store, (i dont know for ios) there is an app for Discourse but it isnt useful. So i created an app with chrome but i dont know how to did it. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Im leaving a link for this app here. (You can try)

Hmm… I’ve been using this forum like an app on Android.

Holy crap.

I don’t even remember how it got on my home screen… I remember registering using chrome… Then…

Someone explain how that got there…

Pretty sure you can export / save a website onto the home screen of Android and iOS devices, and it inherently displays itself as an app, but obviously all it does is open up your browser and perform as normal. That being said, there is an by / for Discourse for both iOS and Android though it’s unfortunately just a browser with fancy wrapping, no pun intended.

Discourse is actually a single-page web app. The apps that are in the App Store and the Play store are essentially wrappers for a WebKit instance. I find using the app to have a couple advantages over using Mobile Safari: #1 I have enough crap open in Safari already and #2 I get notifications from the app. (They are a little flaky, and that’s a known thing.)

The “app” you made in Chrome is really just a link.

That said, if someone is motivated, there is actually an API with which you could create a native app on your choice of OS. The actual SPA is so fast, though, that I fail to see any advantage to doing that. Which is probably why there isn’t one, despite Discourse having been around since 2013.

Yea, the actual SPA is so fast but a little buggy. For example when i open my keyboard Storm Queen’s picture is going up. This isnt a big but… I like symmetrical things. :joy:

In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to have an application like Twitter or other social platform sites? :slight_smile:

What do you mean? This sentence has me a bit lost, sorry. Like, wouldn’t it be nice to have an independent app that ran this particular forum?

Yeah i said this. (Sorry im not very good at English :slightly_frowning_face:)

Don’t apologize, it’s not something to be sorry about. I just wanted to make sure I understood you correctly.

Np. I love English and want to be very good at it. :slight_smile:

The website will ask you if you like to put it on your homescreen or not. (doesn’t happen all the time)

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