Ambient gold and junglers impact

Ambient gold is way too impactful in vainglory, carries can get rediculously ahead by sharing the jungle with their jungler or fall miles behind if they don’t. 6 out of 10 games are won on the first rotation, the other 4 are won on the 2nd or 3rd rotation. A team gets a kill or a favorable trade in mid lane and they secure both blue side jungles and from there the ball just keeps rolling. That one slip up means a 600 gold lead, an entire level of exp lead and a cp buff advantage over the opposing mid laner and there is just no counter play, this team will keep bullying their way to secure both blue side jungles on every rotation. Junglers are way too impactful and have so much pressure on their hands, one slip up from them and 3 members out 5 are miles behind (mid, support and jungle). So the junglers can lose mid lane for your team, you can be playing in mid lane just fine, cs-ing properly and landing good blows on the enemy but still end up losing mid lane because your jungler has no idea about the rotations or he died when the jungle was about to spawn and the opposing mid laner once again gets both blue side jungles. Vainglory has no laning phase, the side that wins is the one that funneled more jungle gold and exp to their carries, its a race to the jungle, the idea of lane trades is thrown out of the windown and as long as it stays like that it will be extremely frustrating for both solo q and the competitive scene.

Well ambient gold is the same thing that lets comebacks happen and 10/10 times captains will soak it so it comes down to which team is better able to utilize the mechanics surrounding ambient gold.

If your jungler is bad, your jungler is bad and you should try to turtle up as much as possible and pushing lane hard when things on your side spawn. If the enemy are trying to get your jungle you should just get theirs.

Every two minutes after the first minute there is a jungle rotation. There is probably a 8-15 minute laning phase that breaks constantly and the time obviously decreases based on the comps. Some compositions just want to take your jungle, others want to AFK farm, and most want to do both.

The gameplay right now is fine and top lane feels a lot better (for me at least because I base my rotations on the movement of the enemies.) Obviously the people who are still playing Sam or Vox top are gonna complain about how they are left 4 ded.

Well usually in a moba if the jungler falls behind that’s 1 member out of 5 who’s behind, in vainglory jungler falls behind and both jungles are secured by one side and the entire team is handicaped. There is no turtling in vainglory, turtling means falling behind but then keeping the gold deficit steady but that doesn’t happen, the gap just keeps groing exponentially because you can’t stop them from secuing both jungles. And ambient gold doesn’t allow for comebacks at all it kills any chance of having one its really not that hard to understand, the amount of ressources that can be shared are doubled for the side ahead and the one behind has nothing to share. And the state of the sidelanes hasn’t changed at all the top laner still fights a 1v2, gets behind on gold and exp and then forfeits his turret because he got sieged 1v2 i am not talking about the weird top lane picks thats just a low elo thing.

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What? If you said that 3/4 of the jungle gets taken by one side I’d say ok makes sense you weren’t able to counterjungle effectively. If all of your jungle is taken your team is just bad, the enemy team deserves the win. Balance team also made all the spawn timers the same so it doesn’t take a brain anymore to counter jungle and think “hm will this get me killed.”

I consider turtling to me just taking a break and playing it passively. If you are behind its fine to give up the first tower of the lane in exchange for your life. If you die you end up being behind whether it be losing CS in lane or losing jungle, but to be honest if the enemy team is able to take your backs and everything props to them. You make it seem like the enemy team starts at lv 2 and you start at lv 1.

So enemies can clear their minions? If you hold out long enough there is gonna be a point where the enemy team has so much gold that they don’t even need it anymore and thats your opportunity. Then again at that point of the match you should just surrender if your team is doing that badly. Resources don’t get doubled either if the roam is absorbing everything.

They aren’t weird picks because people literally from t1 to t9g think that they work because they are ranged. 1v2 oh im gonna lose is a mentality thing. If you believe you are gonna lose you really will lose. If you believe that okay I’m gonna play like normal you will do better. The only time I can say that the game was truly not fair in top lane was when CP Kestrel jungle was dominant. WP top laners and utility top laners are both valid options to play, CP, on the other hand, is looking somewhat lackluster besides Reza and Anka. I main bot lane but I believe that a true bot laner must also be good at top laner and nowadays I see myself playing top more than bot because it doesn’t feel like rinse and repeat. Top laner has so many options such as sticking to mid and helping clear your own sides CP treant or invading enemy red buff because enemy jungler and enemy bot are rotating down to mid so they can invade. There are honestly so many things to do but sadly people play the same way everytime. Best part is top lane is the lane where there is the most flexibility as you won’t be punished for doing anything besides staying undertower.

You make the game sounds so unbalanced when it really isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. Too bad your point is valid because of our trash matchmaking, I feel the same way because just yesterday I got paired up with a troll who I said is a really bad bot laner, and he is. Would have had two wins a net gain of 15 ELO all because I was against two VG Silvers.

Ambient gold is just a tactic, but since it works rather well in most situation, it becomes a meta. Like you bring a WP Carry to bot lane, yeah that’s meta as well. (Why don’t you use CP Carry and WP Jungle and let Jungler last hit Red? Kinetic Jungler can do that).

Since it is a tactic, there is various way to counter it. There are many games i saw enemy picks Skaarf mid and Captain goes top to protect them, yeah that’s a way to counter Ambient Gold, since Skaarf can easily solo 1v2 in turret without any trouble and ofcourse, Top and Support will take Blue, Health Camp and back camp. Skaarf will nearly have the same experience as enemy mid laner duo to laning alone. He doesn’t have to share exp!!

Another tactic is 2-2-1, which is a hard counter for ambiant gold. You bring Kensei or Ringo or whoever WP Carry who can quickly farm bot, then let them take all the camps in bot jungle. This tactics will make bot laners 2 level more than enemies around 9 minutes and allow him to solokill. Support will be in mid and their purpose is only warding the camp and river side to ensure bot will be safe no matter what.

See? The reason why Ambient Gold just have impact because it works most of the time, and because we don’t have a chat to yell out “I HAVE TO FCKING 1V2, INVADE THEIR JUNG ASAP!”