Amazon's Moba title "Crucible"

I was amazed to see that Amazon had a gaming studios but Its cool to see another Moba coming out. The art style isnt my favorite but if the gameplay looks fun, then why not try it out, right?

Looking at Xeno play it, its like Paragon/smite with the graphics and environmental detail.

Was thinking it reminds me of paragon, I want to try it out but it’s only pc right now, I saw console in some articles and thought I could get to try it out but nope aw, another game to watch others play.


That “review” is basically the writer dropping the names of every currently popular game and genre – it’s not clear to me he knows what he’s talking about, tbh.

Nothing about his description of the game really grabs me, but I guess it might be worth a try at some point.

I try to avoid things where Amazon is involved, but that’s more to do with the company than game quality. I won’t be playing it, but I have to say I do like the art style, and we deffo need more mobas in the Smite style, although I feel like the camera angle lends itself more to controller than keyboard, so maybe an Xbox/PS (/Switch?) release would be better for a game like that. Not to mention that I’m a noob with keyboard controls, anything fast paced on PC is a struggle for me.

Amazon is also partnered up with a Chinese game dev studio who is supposedly working on a new Lord of the Rings MMORPG.

I don’t have high hopes for this, as the people who design these games don’t really seem to be interested in Tolkien’s world outside of the events of the end of the Third Age.

Me, I’d like to see an open world game set in the First Age (in Beleriand, of course):

I mean, just look at some of the events of the First Age:

  • the awakening of Men
  • the construction of Gondolin and Nargothrond
  • the end of the Siege of Angband
  • the Quest for the Simaril (Beren and Lúthien)
  • the Host of Valinor enter Middle-earth
  • the destruction of Beleriand

And of course, more battles and intrigue than you’d ever imagine Elves to be capable of if all you know of them comes from the movies (which I dislike).


I do try to keep my hopes up and don’t let the negativity affects me until I see the final product.
that being said, I just want a game based on Tolkien’s universe no matter the Age. Shadow of Mordor/War was good, yea they did try to link up the events and ended up with weird shit but the game was great and I enjoyed it. I love the books as well but I am fine with “what if” stuff too.

But with that being said we got Gollum coming up in 2021 which might focus on his story as how he got the Ring all the way till he lost it.

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For those wondering about many of the events @hazeleyes mentions, and with added time on your hands (I’m assuming - due to COVID-19) - please take the time to read the Silmarillion. My favorite book.

Honestly, I know it’d be a near impossible task, but with today’s CGI and production equipment, I’d love to see an attempt at a 10 episode (1 hour each) series trying to go through the Silmarillion. That’d be epic.

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