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so, subreddit is now forum 2.0? heheh

Reddit is a mess. An ugly mess. Why post about reddit?

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I’ve stopped posting in it as much because of the sheer amount of gatekeeping, toxicity and negativity that festers around there.

I’ve only gone on the VG subreddit three times, and every time I look at it all I see is a mess of epic proportions. Reddit in general is cancer, but there are a few reddit communities I go to daily because they’re a small community, and they haven’t collapsed into a heaping mess yet. Well organised, small reddit communities like the KingsRaid and GranblueEN community are mostly filled with respectful people who want to talk about the game.
On the other hand, VG reddit has no serious moderation, which encourages thread spam. They don’t use sources which often leads to people like @Xhaos getting their stuff stolen. It’s a massive trash pile that encourages incomplete arguments and memes because that’s what everyone can comment about. If you have a guide that is flawless and teaches in an entertaining manner, guess what? To the second page you go buddy.