Alternating Current's buffs, Broken Myth's changes

So the CP items recently have been pretty dull, lackluster. So I wanna revamp them. 2 of them. Let’s get started.
First of all let’s talk about Alternating Current. The concept of it is very cool. Adding CP damage to your basic attacks seem to be pretty good for junglers and laners who are going CP but here’s its weakness. The CP damage it provides isn’t that continuous. Its description reads roughly “Every OTHER basic attack deals an additional 70% of your CP as damage” which lemme translate: For every second basic attack, that basic attack deals +70% CP damage. That is not continuous at all. And the CP it gives is disappointing. Just 60 CP. That’s too little. So here’s I’m gonna make it a little bit more interesting. Here are my changes:
*Effects: Now every (no longer other) basic attack will deal +70% CP damage and will now shred the target’s shielding by 3% each attack. Max 5 stacks.
-CP is increased from 60 to 75.
*Build path and cost:
-Build out of Piercing Shard+Blazing Salvo+ 1200 gold.
-Same cost.
Secondly and lastly is Broken Myth. I’m not changing this because it’s weak (it’s not weak at all in the slightest) but because of its feature. Only CP pierce is kinda boring and since defense was nerfed, its piercing is too much.
*Effect: Shieldbreaking: Shield Pierce is reduced from 30% to 20%. Now for every 6s, the damage of your next damage ability is increased by 25%.


Defense being nerfed means that Broken Myth is a less powerful item, not a more powerful item.

Its use has been reduced but the usefulness has been increased somewhat.

Mathematically speaking, it’s usefulness as decreased. If you take 200 shield, the pierce is worth 60 shield reduction. If they now have 100 shield, the pierce is worth 30 shield reduction. (numbers for example only )

This is a reduction in item usefulness, and why it’s less of a core CP item in 3.1, but still probably worth having as a 3rd or 4th item.


That’s why I’m suggesting changing it

You said “since it’s defense was nerfed it’s piercing is too much”

Ok… nvm so I wrong. Boof. Case closed

The alternating current doing CP damage every attack is nice (but they might need to change the name :thinking: )
But doing extra damage on top of that? Even changing it to every basic attack is a +100% buff, but any more would be too extreme.

In reality its name should be digital wave as its on or off alternating current would be something more of positive and negative cycles gradually or a gradual change between wp and cp

it would come close to doubling the value of the item and would be insanely strong. It would have to do 35% on every attack to be the same as 70% on every other attack.

I want to make junglers buy it instead of the Stormcrown

Wow. These are actually some great suggestions. Definitely agreed on alternating current needing a buff. As for broken myth…idk, it’s still almost a must pick to me, though it doesn’t synergize well on some heroes.

Just sayin if AC dealt damage every attack it would be a direct current not an alternating current


Then suggest a SC change?

I think the core 4 items: SG, DE, BM, SF are pretty balanced.

AS, Eve, CW need balancing. AC is fine. If you buff it, Varya and Idris get really OP. Doesn’t need a nerf either.

Actually how it is is digital wave alternating current would be gradual increase decrease and switch to something else