Alpha sucks after 3.1

I used to be able to hold off any hero 1v1, but after this patch she gets crushed as if she was a support hero.
I understand some heros need a nerf, but it feels as though they overdid it this time with a few heros almost making them obsolete in higher tier matches.

3.1 is not out yet. You’re still on 3.0. It’s all in your head :innocent:


or he is in the closed beta testers. :smiley:
I watched yesterday flashx (I think, pro for sure) playing tony hero… so the update is up for some. :smiley:

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Sweet! I had no idea. Lucky! (30)

All they did is -1 healing on her B

Not just that, they’ve also lowered her base health, and her minimum health after reboot. Those are a lot of health nerfs. Wasn’t she already squishy?


She got health nerfs but she was never squishy. Squishies are heroes like Celeste,kestrel and petal not a tank with 2 lives and healing capabilities


Good, so May scrubs abusing her, she was broken and had only a few counters… get gud OP.


but patch 3.1 is not out yet (30 characters)

Whatever the patch was, she’s weak as hell now.

I hope she got squishy. She dealt hella damage for how tanky she is rn.

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Alpha has always sucked, given as long as it was me playing as Alpha.

I’m sorry this isn’t the best input to the discussion.

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lol build double defense on Alpha. She’s not squishy.

So a hero with 1.5-2 health bars is squishy ok

Tank alpha is cancer, she can kill carries by rushing aegis and metal jacket, she was cancer, she needed a tone down on tankyness if anything. I do not want a tank sustain meta at all.

She lost like 60 health, and -1 on healing. She is still good. An A tier jungler as said by ttigers.

there was no patch.
3.1 will roll out in a few hours and thats the first change to any hero since 3.0.
alpha didnt get any change in 3.0 and the item changes affect all heroes.

Clearly her win rate and ban rate in all servers goes some way to towards rubbishing your claim. She was OP, she’s still OP despite the nerfs judging from her current win rate.

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The problem isn’t her being op the problem is everyone else has been so nerfed since they were introduced that there isn’t any real variation in hereos causing any hereo that doesn’t fit the low bar norm to be labled as op

I’ve got an odd feeling the joke I was making regarding my skill playing Alpha is something you missed.