Almost 100k damage

Intense game wish I got that 100k dmg :heart_eyes: only lost cause I wasn’t able to kill ardan in the end even after finishing vox and Lyra. Credits to ardan for trying to zone me in fights.
Ps : My captain wasnt played lorelei for the first time and he ain’t used to playing roam and yet we’re so close to clutching the win.


I mean, that’s pretty good considering the tier differences, dude. Good job!


An aftershock might have helped do 1v1 damage. Clockshock with DE and AC?

You didn’t need an aegis there was no crystal damage on the enemy team. If you needed a rb crucible would have given you more hp.

Your build lacked lifesteal. Enemy team was a sustain team with a hypercarry. Can’t outsustain that.
You needed an eve/aftershock badly.

Yeah maybe an eve would’ve helped tbh that ardan was doing a toll on me since he lives through all the fights he gets in multiple BoB on me.
Maybe eve or aftershock for the aegis shouldve helped.

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You have 2 enemies stacking hp. They are prime targets for AS dmg wise and you get some sustain too. On top of that it helps you in a 1v1.

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Actually find aftershock to be a good situational item on cp Vox.

For instance dive heavy comps (grrrr alpha) can be a nightmare to deal with especially since she’ll force you to disengage from team fights. The A/S helps, it provides sustain but also chunks down high HP/sustain hero’s boosting your single target DMG.