All heroes free to play

All heroes are free to play, has end come?

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Wait, what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In my game all heroes in backpack are marked free to play. Like why would they do it? Do you see the same or is this some kind of a bug?

Its like this for all heroes.
Sry edit number 2. I restarted and its gone now. I could play any hero. Tried entering bot matches and all were available. Now it seems fixed.

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Its back! 30330303033030303030303

lmao I see it too. Wth is this o.o

@hazeleyes maybe the big “ho ho ho” reveal early? lol


Not bad actually (all heroes free for the holidays). We will see if it’s that, otherwise +1 all heroes was free to play status for me too.

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It’s kinda weird thinking that you have to buy heroes when you have all of them unlocked

lol I was thinking the same thing when I saw this. I’ve had all of them unlocked except most recents for so long that it’s weird to think people actually don’t have a strong hero roster nowadays. It gets weird every time I hear someone doesn’t have a hero. I forget you only start out with what…4?

You start with like 6+ now with all the new player rewards. It makes sense, but you earn glory so much faster than when I started as well.

A post was made on Reddit asking about the free rotation and a rogue dev answered in such a way that made it look like they had no clue about the free rotation, said he’d look into it

Days later all heroes are on free rotation

Takeaways, SEMC handover is as bad as anything else they did in the last year and looks like rogue are struggling with the code / setup

Another regular day in the demise of a once great game?

Goddamit new players are so pandered to these days.

Back in my day, it took months to get enough glory for one hero, and there was no tutorial to give you free heroes and skins when you started! You had to hope one of the heroes you could play made it onto the free rotation, or make do with Petal!
cries in boomer

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“Back in my day people were actually skilled. “

Ok folder


Can you send me the link to the post? Thanks!

Here you go

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I know this is a joke, but it does make sense. When for a long time there were less than 20 heroes to unlock. To give players something to work towards they pretty much had to make it super slow to unlock. Now with 50+ if new players are ever to have a chance to unlock them all it needs to be much faster.

Well the fact that rogue devs are responding probably means the transition is nearing completion if not complete. At least we know that.

Edit: Also now it only shows select heroes as free to play so I guess that was a glitch. Ah well. Hope some people enjoyed while it lasted.

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