All For One Next Round - Vote for three more choices!

Though, I hate to ask…why Ozo!? He got destroyed in the OFA he was in =__=

So it’s among Adagio, Alpha, Baron, Blackfeather, Grace, Reza, Rona, Silvernail, Skye, Tony and Yates.

Personally, I say Baron, Skye and Yates would be both fun and cancerous.

Im curious to see Adagio in one. INFINITE HEALS!! Bf and Grace would also be cool to see.

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Rip, another rotation where Ozo gets countered by almost everyone else. He got completely destroyed in the last one, SEMC, why can’t you give my monkey a rest he has enough to deal with as is :sad:


why can’t we have a “true one for all”, - ozo - and only ozo … for weekend?
ozo like sun, from east to the west… from mount everest to mariana trench


honestly i would love to see an idris one for all. imagine jumping onto teammate with ult and then that teammate jumps into ult on another teammate.

I don’t understand why those two need to repeat when they don’t bring a specially interesting gameplay and there are still plenty of heroes that are yet to appear.


Well things changed and now the original picks are blackfeather+skye.
vote for 3 more