After some thought

Celeste is actually more balanced in 3.2 than in 3.1.
Before you say anything, lemme explain.

Malene, as everyone knows, is pretty much in the borderline OP status(or more) atm and Celeste simply can’t go against a good Malene.

Malene’s existence makes Celeste’s life hell. I’m not kidding. The constant CC delete’s her from the face of the map and her AA range outranges Celeste by nearly 1 metre, making harrasment so easy for the Malene by constant AAs and empowered AAs not to mention her other skills.

Now if you argue, why not just ban Malene so you can take Celeste for yourself? Well it isn’t that easy because Celeste is quite annoying herself without proper counters and a good team so if the enemy is smart they’ll just ban Celeste right away, making Celeste void in draft in the higher tiers.

Also besides the existance of Malene, Celeste can only trade decently against 2 mid laners, namely Varya and Skaarf(if the celeste is good). Samuel harrases her all day and without her range buff in her A, she can’t poke back. This means that Celeste can be counter picked with someone like Samuel and Malene(if she is not banned)

Anyways I don’t want to go on and on so my whole point is that Celeste is acutually more balanced this update than last where she was priority ban/pick in the mid lane.


Malene is good into Celeste early game, after lvl 8 Celeste zones malene out of the map and all the barrier and slows don’t help if she can’t reach Celeste. If she uses her mobility to dive Celeste she burns up all her speed boost/invulnerablity and can be burst down. Malene does outrange Celeste with her AA but have you ever seen celeste use AA for trading damage?


The thing is, a good Malene actually starves Celeste of farm and with the right positioning, still easily beats Celeste even AFTER the range overdrive. And about the AA, my point is that Malene just harrases Celeste non-stop and forced her to use her flask early, making a easy gank for the jungler in Malene’s team. And yes, Celeste burns Malene’s barrier later game, but does that matter if Malene has movement speed boost in the same ability anyways, making sure that Celeste’s stars don’t even hit her?

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I accept that she is tough to handle before the range overdrive and is deadly in the early game but late game Celeste laughs at malene. She has to get in range for her switching damage+AS procs, Celeste can just stay far back and blow up her entire team. In teamfights her A in light form is going to be blocked most of the times and the range isnt that great. If Celeste is caught out alone for 1v1 late game she is going to die but a good celeste doesn’t rotate alone without proper vision. Use her movt speed to dodge her A?It is the most spammable skillshot in the game, try using your movt speed to dodge it only to see more stars raining down