I’m not sure if this is a new feature, but AFK player seems to be replaced by BOT now. I’m not sure if this is a good idea. Here is why…

  1. BOT AI seems to go for suicide route. It almost disregards enemy presence and does not have surviving mindset. Not sure what its goal is, but it is definitely not trying its best to survive.
  2. Unless you are checking the scoreboard, you won’t notice that it is a BOT. Hence, some players will try to save it.; which is also another suicide mission. What a troll…
  3. Players will start pinging the BOT and the game becomes toxic

So here is a suggestion, if SEMC wants to keep replacing AFK players with a BOT, can at least they add a [BOT] next to its name to make it clearer to other players? Having BOT is probably better than AFK players, but at least the players should be well informed.


This has been going on for a while, but it’s supposed to be limited to lower tier players. Only right now, even tier 10 players are getting replaced.

I definitely agree that there ought to be some indication that a teammate has been replaced by a bot. I also think the replacement needs to be flagged in the API, as that player’s stats are invalid after the bot takes over.


Feeding the opposition; I can see why they’d want to do this, hearts in the right place but I actually think it would be easier to 4v5!!!

Think of the bot as a meat shield. One more target that isn’t you. On top of that, the thing is sending out more damage that the enemy still has to avoid, bot or not. There’s a chance an enemy will use an ability or item to save an ally/stun the bot/block their ability, and that’s an opportunity to hit back harder.

yeah though, there should be an indicator for bot teammate.

Bots tend to run straight into turrets, they just feed the enemy gold via a kill bounty.

They need to fix the bot AI for 5vs5 first… in 3vs3 a bot will work okish, but right now it’s a disaster in 5vs5.

Bots would be ok, but only if:

  1. It’s clearly indicated to the players ingame
  2. it’s indicated for the API too, to not mess the stats
  3. The bots AI is reworked to be atleast on acceptable level

Otherwise it does more harm than good in any tier above 3-4 bronze.

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So the walking deserted ally is just a bot? So my life is a lie and i was tryhard 1 vs 4? Well actually they on acceptable lvl but still far from “good” lvl. And if we can lead bot and recommended’em item it would be better

And if they stay at base maybe i would lost faster the bot actually pretty good at creating space so i can stole their turret and farm safely

Contrary to what you believe - bots replacing afk players has been going on for a long time before 5v5 even. Ive had to exit matchs at the start because of irl emergencies and when i checked vg i sumhow went 0/8 without even playing.

When you exit the app whilst ingame and re open yout might also notice your character died once or twice even tho you afked in your jungle in a safe position.

Bots really hurt the team imo like you said it just feeds