Afk Players - how much of an effect do they have on the game outcome?

so before 5v5 dropped, a lot of people on the old forums claimed that it is way easier to win a 4v5 than a 2v3 and thus an afk player wont impact the game as much in 5v5 as it does in 3v3.

thanks to the starting bugs, a few of you should have encountered afk players already in the game. how did this turn out for you?

i personally think that 4 players only from the start make it nigh impossible to win the game. you simply cant split push or defend as good anymore. there is just too much on the map to cover.

i had two games with an early afk, they were both losses, but i am unsure how much of that loss is due to the afk player, as i won every game where my team won the early game and i lost every game where the enemies got it.

Since early access has started I’ve had a lot of afk players on my team during 5v5. Varying from what seems to be unfortunate disconnects, to players leaving due to obvious frustration and so on. I’ve also been on the opposing team, where we’ve had the full 5, vs 4 plus an afk.
So far, honestly, it doesn’t seem to matter as much mid to late game as long as there’s a general sense of coordination and the teamwork is solid. If the afk happens before river shops spawn, I think it can pose a problem.
That being said, I’ve also lost to teams of 4, in a team of 5, simply because

  1. Teamwork / coordination / objective taking was lacking
  2. Team comp was poorly put together
  3. Poor builds
  4. Other team didn’t suffer from the above.

Ultimately I think it comes down to how your team plays together and their combined efforts, motivation and coordination to win. With 4v5 I think the drawback of a missing player is far more forgiving than 2v3.


well, thats nice to read. but i play mostly solo, so teamwork is going to be the biggest issue for me anyway.

I play solo too. You’re still in a team when you queue for 5v5, and 3v3. There is still an unspoken necessity for awareness and cooperation that is expected from your teammates, as they expect from yourself. The point I’m making is that without a team of which each player individually understands what they’re doing for themselves, as well as for the party as a whole, you’re going to have a bad time.

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Had a Patel who was afk the whole game, but through the early and mid game my team was killing it I was playing Fort, but we started losing in the late game. We were both really pushed after the enemy team got Blackclaw and the moment Patel came back we rushed and aced the enemy team and ended up winning. AFK do not have as big of an impact early on in 5v5, but it becomes a problem in the late game

And Patel was our jungler, so my laners took the buffs

Not to be that guy, but, Petal. :ok_hand:

Nah it’s Patel my dood. Check my wiki too : ^). Not a typo

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My sincerest apologies! I’ll be certain to use the proper spelling from here on out.

Would you say you were up a creek without a Patel? @NinjaBryden

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I’d like to give you a Patel on the back for your pun

yes, but not all players go into a game with that mindset.
they just want to play their role and nothing else.
i met a lot of teams without a dedicated support. this alone can break them in the late game (for as you flee and suddenly you can turn around and pick the enemy one by one) or the early game, if there is a taka or flicker on the enemy team.

and i still remember the talk with my former guild leader. right after a patch, krul just got nerfed a lot and he did not know it, because he had no time to read the patch notes.

in solo q, you should be ready to meet all kinds of players and if you want to win, adjust to them.

Personally, I see a much greater disadvantage in 2v3 situations. The jungle in 3v3 is much more powerful, due to their lane being the only goal to gank. In 5v5, you have three, making your ganks much faster and less impactful. You can’t devote all your time to one lane in 5v5 ( you can if you want to lose). Also, the JG in 5v5 is lacking a bit, so you can effectively farm in lane without a JG. If a laner were to quit, the JG could take their spot as well.

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Right now noone can tell as there is no matchmaking. The teams can end up so unbalanced that it’s possible even 3vs5.

I played one game 4vs5 from the start, we won, but as I said - no matchmaking and t10 gold players vs t4…

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Tiers should not concern you in casual game modes. I had a game with my boi @DIMTI and I was the only POA+ player in my team Silver and the entire enemy team was POA or VG and we smacked them kek. O and I was playing support so the rest of my team was dealing damage. Not me : ^)

That’s more or less what I was getting at with my first post.

So I have had one game with an afk so far and that was on my team from the start and we won.

I think it only really becomes a problem in late game where you need to win team fights. We basically were winning early and mid due to out rotating them and split pushing. Then we started to need teamfights and if they actually worked together we lost those.

We had managed to completely push out their mid and take the armoury but they had cracked open our base as well. Fortunately we got vision of them taking Ghostwing and since I was running Flicker I turned us invisible and then used warthreads to race us up the mid and attack their vain - we just took it before they killed us all after porting back.

That’s pretty wild, actually. Must have been a satisfying play to win a game rather than an objective. :+1:

It was pretty nerve wracking especially when we saw them porting in - with only one armory down the Vain is pretty tanky so I wasn’t sure we would have the damage needed to finish it off and they had gotten the Ghostwing buff so if we had all died then and not taken the Vain it was basically GG.