Afk detection on point

So my skaarf doesn’t move a millimeter for 10 minutes and the game doesn’t consider him afk. Is there anything done right in this game ?


Yeah its actually tilting that people can just fake AFK troll and it doesn’t count.


i got done twice in one day. both times was the captain. both times losing 20 elo… the pain… the pain is real… real bad.

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well , i was playing easy game against easy enemy and the game was going fine , the game lagged while i was fighting enemy and the game kicked me out , i opened the app and found the game signed me out , i logged in and connected to the game and found my team surrendered , i think afk detection was so fast .

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I’ll take that over not moving for 2 minutes because of a game crash and it considers you afk and lpqs you immediately, like it was last patch.

You’re kidding right? an accidental lpq is easy to get over with. just play the required amount of matches.

but this? this just means actual trolls can afk without any punishment, and worse, 4 other players get punished as well.

an accidental lpq sure is annoying, but only 1 player is worse off.

It’s fine until you realize after 2-3 games that it’s server problems and your 3 point lpq turns into 8 mins immediately and you get triggered. Like it was last update.

Reporting them also puts them in lpq, right? Thats what i have been assuming until now

only if they get multiple downvotes. there’s a stigma associated with downvoting, which there shouldn’t be.

players are reluctant to downvote, which is a shame.

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