Advice on giving hero feedback


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Generally, the forum is filled to the brim with concepts, namely Heroes. Many have a drive to make their own Hero truly creative, adding their own aspects and views to it. There are plenty of Ideas, ranging from laners, to supports, and Mages to Melee. Most people wish for their idea to be introduced into the game, but really, it should be self-improvement.

Most of the community thrives on discussion. You are encouraged to provide feedback and stoke the flames of discussion, after all, it is a forum. Get some karma by making some good reviews: when you come around to making your own, maybe they’ll spin by and drop a good review of their own!

Game Developers wish for a trend of reviews: ones that are specific, and helpful. (Looking at you Google play + App store)
Try to state what you’re about to review, like: " His ult, Churn Shield"
Reassure yourself by typing out how you understand the ability, follow up with “If, so…” This way, there isn’t too much confusion on the abilities of a concept hero.
Comment on what you like, and why. But don’t be too positive, comment on things, specify.
Comment on what you disliked. Don’t be too negative though, most likely, a person worked hard on it, and you wouldn’t want to make 'em sad, right?
The other things. You know, what build path is best for them, combinations with other heroes, their lore, etc, etc.

Effective feedback requires a person to have a goal, something that the can look to improve to, it’s why feedback exists. If there never were any goals, we’d all be cuddled up to ourselves, locking out anything else other than our own voice- after all, why listen to anyone else when there is no finish line? You don’t need their help.

But that’s not the case, as you’ve seen from my intro.

Info becomes feedback when it’s goal is to improve one another. Feedback needs to be specific, and accurate, while containing tangible evidence. Is a skillshot really OP when it has the same scaling and damage as Skaarfs spitfire? Yet, it needs to be simple too. I won’t teach one of my students to kick a soccerball by incorporating the laws of physics, torque, and angle, when they’re 5. It’s best to not overload with information.

In my findings, its best to open up with a simple sentence, a hook, and then ease into better feedback.

Not only that, people need to be on the same page of quality, there are multiple people who consider multiple things to be different quality.

End Points
Your feedback should direct a person to improve- not to adopt your ideas, no matter how good.
You should say what you like, and dislike. Include why.
You should feature evidence to your claims.
Try to think about the big picture.