Adding burn damage to Reza's perk and ultimate's buff (my friend's idea)

It’s kinda strange that a fire mage doesn’t have burn damage right? Don’t worry, my friend has got you covered with his rework. Also, the utility of his ult is kinda too limited and it’s too weak so he’s gonna buff it.
*Perk: Firestarter:
-Now will start burning the target for 2s after 1s of its being applied.
-If you deal damage on a Firestarter target, that target will receive a burst of damage and the Firestarter mark is consumed.
-For every 0.2s of the burn duration, the consumed burst damage is reduced by 10%.
-Burn damage per second: 7.5 (+2.5 per level, rounded down) +50% CP.
-Burst damage: 25 (+15 per level) +130% CP.
*Ult: Netherform Detonator:
-New: now whenever his ult is active, his Scorcher can consume the Firestarter marks and his Troublemaker and basic attacks can apply and consume the Firestrater marks on enemies.
-Cooldown is increased from 50s/45s/40s to 75s/70s/60s.
-Duration is reduced from 6s/7s/8s to 4s/5.5s/7s.

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reducing dmg by 50% per second is ridiculous because reza doesn’t always instantly consume the mark. he’s supposed to be an assassin, not a poke hero.

what. it’s a reflex block and gives you more consistent burst for a few seconds. if this was in the first patch with reza this’d make sense but now?

kinda strange how celeste doesnt literally destroy the battlefield with supernovas


He’s a mage-assasin hybrid. Just give him some poke abilities.

My mistakes. Trying to say that the damage capability of it is too low. It only makes your basic attacks apply the Firestarter mark.

She’s destroying the Rise and Fold with supernova stars right now.

Mind introducing us to your friend?


you remember how cancerous cp bf is/was? assassins shouldn’t have constant poke. assassins are supposed to go in and get a kill, not poke a while and only need to swoop in when theyre low. with your changes, reza can just poke a while then swoop in with his b, hit for the kill, b away. on a lower cooldown than bf.


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But the damage is way lower than BF. Like 2 times lower. His A has half the CP ratio of a BF’s B.

It will destroy Skaarf’s uniqueness

This is way different from Skaarf’s perk

Reza is one of the slippest hero’s in the game he is also a very good pick in top lane 5v5 at the moment so what makes you think he is weak? Not sure adding poke to his kit is a good idea as his whole play style is built around getting in and getting out, you build poke as well and you remove any of the risk associated with his playstyle. He could poke and kite for days an nodoby would be able to touch him.

1 is that Reza is a fire character who doesn’t have burning effects so I add in and 2. He isn’t weak. His ult is kinda lackluster so I buff it a bit.

@idmonfish get your boi, he need to be stopped.

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“i” add in? so are you the friend you’ve been mentioning this whole time? also, stop using the whole fire heroes should have burn reasoning. it’s bad reasoning. why can’t lorelai just drown you with balls of water? why can’t grumpjaw just swallow you? why don’t supernovas destroy terrain and everything nearby? should we add those effects to the game? no. because it isn’t balanced.


lol… I realized what effects would Celeste’s supernova have if it ACTUALLY did the stuff that a REAL Supernova Would… :smile:

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who needs an army if you can just make a star explosion wipe out everyone in your way


I add my friend’s idea. It’s his idea at first when he told me at school though.

Btw her star will deal DoT like her Rare Talent since the heat of a new born star is super high (it’s astrophysics)

Celeste’s B is a black hole on her legendary skin. Yeah…

No one ever knows how a black hole truly works but one theory says that it might be a path to another galaxy.

Not needed the star destroyed everything in the rise and fold game ended in a tie