Adagio Legendary talent

Just played a Battle Royale with an Adagio with Healing Verse… WHOLLY COW… even at level 1, it’s some crazy healing.

He went WP Adagio, no CP items… no Team items… and that crazy talent healed 1700+ to my Reza so quickly I was like… what the hell is this crazy ULTIMATE healing power!!!

Immediately I had flashes of 5v5 brawl modes… Adagio healing all heroes from the brink of death… Just imagine…


Imagine it at level 5 with your Adagio building Support.

Dude I know I was playing idris because he is sorta broken with talents, and almost killed 2 people but adagio pops up and RIP

this is one of the only talents I really want, besides Phinn’s legendary. I guess I’ll just have to make do with the spam on the level 10 rare until shop decides to give me something other than Petal and Baron’s talents…

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