Acquiring Essence From Chests Before And After 2.12

Before 2.12, getting essence from free chests and quest chests used to be somewhat common, at least from what I’ve seen. After 2.12, however, I noticed that essence drops from chests has been basically nonexistent. Why is this happening?

They said that they wanted essence to drop in larger amounts (and thus less frequently).
The real reason,however, is to make skin grind harder by limiting essence to sunlight levels/rare drops.

I got essence from a brown daily chest yesterday. I was so quick to tap I didn’t see the amount. This was my first essence drop since the change.

I got Epic Rona BP 3 days ago and 300+400 essence yesterday(from a silver and golden chest iirc)

Got 300 essence (along with glory/ r talent, l talent and 12 ice) from completing the ‘destroy 100 turrets’ quest (purple chest).

Here’s my reward from the 100 turret community chest today.

I got well over 1500+ essence since patch. All in chunks of a few hundreds. Mostly from sunlight lvl chests.

the high level sunlight rewards seem to be the main source of reliable essence.
but i also got 1k essennce from the chests (two times 300 essence+epic bp)

all that i want is a direct glory price for a bp. let it be really high and expensive, i dont care. i and most long term players wont put money into this game anymore, so they wont lose anything from it.


I just got 400 essence out of a brown chest. It looks like BPs and essence are pretty limited. I’m completely ok with the new system if it will improve revenue for SEMC and grow/sustain the game long term.

Same for me, just got 400 essence. This is the 3rd time I receive essence from chest in new patch