About updating

Everytime there’s an update like right now, it’s a 9.8mb update but then there’s an additional file that’s 1.1gb literally every update there’s always an additional file of 1gb. Why am I always having to install this 1gb file?? Does this happen to everyone?

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Yes it does - and I also very much wish they would come up with a better software architecture, that does not require the entire obb file to be downloaded each time.

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I feel like this is an Android thing.

Like @Saint7502 said, it’s an Android thing. I think it was that the obb gets deleted when updating an app, so it’s not really semc’s fault.

Could be but it’s the only app that does it

No, have you played Rules of Survival? It looks like you can update the game without downloading from google play. It’s vg problem . Imagine how bad it is for people that have “unsupported on your device”

It actually is a common thing among larger type games especially when major changes are made. Also by ensuring everyone install all of it again double checks everything is right ( keeping hacks out and file locations right)

happens to me too

forced to delete lots of app to update :confounded:

same. every single time. Have to clear memory for a 1gb update and android needs like 1.3gb free for a 1gb update. And after installation taht 1.3 gb comes back and i have to reinstall all apps -.-

You really shouldn’t fill your device that much especially when playing games like vainglory as it does slow your system down

i have 8gb internal. 4 gb is system memory. I have 4 gb lol. VG is 2.5gb. 300 needs to be free for optimum working. So i barely have 1gb left which gets taken away by whatsapp discord etc. I legit have no other game ;-;

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nope, Final Fantasy Mobius is over 1gb and updates seamlessly. on Android.

Now that we’ve established that -

  • its not because of Android
  • its not because it’s over 1gb

Its Vainglory, plain and simple. only Vainglory does this. They claim to ensure less bugs (last i checked)… but we all know how buggy VG is… and you look at other games with just as many players, just as complex in detail… and with less bugs.

there’s no excuses. just plain lazy programming.


They have to put some mechanism that allow us to update the app ingame tho, i’m surprised till now that they haven’t put this thing in their game.

Really you think so? It’s a great measure to protect against cracked games and with major changes obb files can change nearly every aspect even if it is just a small change in them

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I agree with the security advantage. It’s not the only way to ensure it. Just the most simple. Which is why they do it.

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When I play on my android kindle fire, it would to that. It also wouldn’t remove my old one, and was taking up a ton of space for a 5 gb device.(I did get a sd card bc the device is crap) When I update it on there I just remove the app and redownload it. Sad to say, it is slow as hell now.

i heard that a trick others would do iis backup the compressed (zip i think?) version of the obb before going in game to do the computing storage etc. part. idk if it works
EDIT: the .obb not zip

I heard as well. Proof that VG is the problem. Why do we, the customer need to resort to “tricks” to make updating easier? It should be automatic.