About Update 3.0

Hey guys! I was just wondering since update 3.0 is less than a day away, will there be patch notes? Or they are the same as 2.12?


Don’r worry every major update have patch notes, it will probably come tomorrow or the day 3.0 update.


There will definitely be patch notes. I would expect them to drop sometime tomorrow.

Btw, the release date was announced as Feb 13, so that’s actually more than a day away.


They have a countdown less than 16 hours now…

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Last update doesn’t contain any heroes.
Next updates we gonna have 3 more skins…

So now I am hyped for new hero, must have new hero, must be a hero in patch 3.0!

The countdown on there website says 2 days left.

I doubt there will be a new hero in 3.0. They would have dropped some hints. 2.11 saw Varya. 2.12 was a small release and small balance. 3.0 is full release and full balance. 3.1 will be a new hero and draft.


yeah, so i have enough glory to upgrade all the cancer talents and ruin everyones fun in blitz.
not that anyone will play blitz in 3v3…

No new hero in 3.0. One legendary and two SE skins.