About the tags

I noticed the tags feature on here that went up earlier today and I was curious about how it’ll be used. @hazeleyes since you’re most likely the one who used your black magic to make it, will it only be used to further categorize guilds/teams and tournaments (and rwby) posts to make them easier to browse through, or will there be other tags for doing the same for certain other types of posts?
On another note, it seems slightly buggy at the moment, as going to any category without any tagged posts makes all the the tags disappear from the list on the home page.

Right now, we’re just exploring the feature to see if and how it will work for us – that’s why there are only a small number of tags (just the regions – and RWBY, ofc) at the moment. Personally, I am finding it EXTREMELY useful so far. For example: I’m in the process of eliminating the subcategories in the Guilds, Teams, Esports & Tournaments category and using tags instead. It actually makes the category MUCH easier to use, since topics can have more than one tag, making them easier to find.

There will be much more on this if we decide to expand it. (Which I think we will.)

Can you post a screenshot? What browser are you using? I haven’t seen anything like this on desktop (Firefox) or my iPad (mobile Safari).

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Alright, nice to hear that. It’ll be nice to see certain types of posts being easier to navigate through. I hope guides ends up being one of the tags should you expand it, as the ones on here are slightly hard to find at the moment.

I’m using Safari (on an iPad) at the moment, but it happens on my desktop and mobile Google Chrome as well. It seems like going into a category and the main page afterwards makes all of the tags on the “all tags” tab only show those in said section.

Going from the VG Discussion section to the main page

and the same for Off-topic

Manually refreshing the main page seems to fix it.

After refreshing


Yep, I kind of figured it was a caching issue. I have seen that, but it’s always fixed by a browser refresh.

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