About the battlegrounds event

This is the best event to come to this game. It makes us that have tons of glory And do not want to buy talents actually have a use for our excess glory!!! I hope SEMC eventually makes this a staple cause a 10k price point is perfect if it were to stay permanently. You could either buy a new hero, OR you could get a BP chest which helps f2p players get more essence!!! and a chance to get better rewards, or you could straight up buy a new hero. Additionally, it promotes players to keep playing! It is not like arena in hearthstone which is chance based depending on your draft, this is completely up to the player, and because of that we will not really need a Max glory reward of over 10k. Maybe 5 or 6 k at 12 wins is fine. I WANT THIS TO BE PERMANENT!!! And if this specific event is not permanent, I hope this archetype of an event becomes permanent, making new “arena” events for SE skins that release down the line.

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