About Lorelai buff

Does it work on 3v3? There is no river…
And I don’t see any enpowered attacks while I am on river in 5v5 tho…

lorelai only gets empowered in her puddles, and no the river buff doesnt exist in 3v3

Lorelai (and phinn) get the river speed boost both ways
Whereas other heroes get the boost only if they follow the flow of the river

3v3 map is small so it doesn’t matter. This buff isn’t a buff to Lorelai but something that is given to Lorelai because she falls under the “water” category in the game. The new perk “Water Denizen” is going to be applied to all water heroes now and in the future and they will have their own perk as well. And Water Denizen is only responsible for speed when on the river.

So… does that mean being on river… allows her to land her A and B faster and grant stronger barrier?

Her perks her water :eyes::clown_face:

No the river only interacts with Water Denizen, her new second perk. Only her pool affects her personal perk and her abilities.

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TLDR: It’s only a situational speed buff.

The “Water Denizen” perk allows Lorelai to utilize the river speed bonus going with and against the current. It has no affect on her AA or skills. This perk is an excellent solution for two heroes who perform worse on a larger map. In 3v3, the smaller map lets their AoE skills make up for their lack of speed or gap closers. In 5v5, there isn’t as many choke points and the lanes and river are wide open areas.