About Kensei

I want to learn more about how to use him. I always did pretty good when playing him in casual match but when playing in ranked match meh, ending up become the highest death in team. I find him hard to use his perk correctly. When I saw someone play Kensei, he can survive (most of the match I saw) in 1vs3 pretty easily in late game with his perk and kensho. I can’t even survive in 1v2 match in late game (and I got more gold than the opponents so I’m pretty sure i can dominate during the fight). So my question regards using Kensei:

  1. What is the best way to use his perk and his B’s ability especially during the team fight?
  2. Which skills should I overdrive first and second?
  3. Should I rely his build on attack speed items, burst item, or high damage item? (I’m thinking his core build in this patch is SM and BP but feel free if you have other opinion) And also what do you think of Shiversteel on Kensei?

That’s all about my question regarding using Kensei. Please help me become a master of swordsmaster senpai! Arigato Gosaimasu!


Very in depth guide I found, certainly worth a read. :slight_smile: