About Grangor race

Maybe this will just be a fun small discussion. I am just wondering about the 2 Grangors that we have in game.
Glaive is an English name. While San Feng is clearly a Chinese name.

For those who don’t know.
Glaive is a weapon
But our Glaive uses an axe. hmmm

San Feng, pretty sure is the famous Sanfeng in Chinese history.

My point here is, if Grangor is a race, a nation, should the names of Grangor people have the same type of name?

Glaive, San Feng, what next? Mohamad? Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas?
If we follow my logic here, Glaive should have been named Guandao.

If you have not noticed, Yates and Ylva have their name start with Y. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

PS: Glaive and Krul are related

Idris called adagio (djinn) in his lore
Grace named Reza (Titus) in her lore
Daisy turned to alpha

So the names could be changed in the lore but we don’t have the lore , San feng could be a grangor traveled to China and got a new name , but I would say names aren’t that effective , like you can have different names for the same nation in the lore because it’s another universe connected to us .

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Well, Glaive clearly wear like a Tibetan monk, so with your logic, it is Glaive who travel to this lane but keep his English name.
However, they are both cats, so…
I just feel like if they want to create a world, it should follow some basic consistent logics.

I don’t think that’s much of a priority any more, considering they let SugarVenom go … :disappointed:


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I was about to write all possibilities but then decided to put an example , so you could easily say San feng came from China and turned to a master of a fighting style so the clothes or weapons or names could be taken from both cultures , remember koshka raised with the grangors and she has a Russian name means cat .

Something else I want to add is you can’t be focusing too much in games lore especially if you going to add different cultures represented by names , because you could easily offend them if you put their hero in a certain situation make the culture looks bad , like if you put a hero in thieves category and he/she represent some culture , you just making them look bad and the worst thing is if you going to keep the thieves from the same culture .

It’s a fictional universe, they can kinda do whatever they want. It has no connection to the real world, neither China nor England exist in the game.

Actually Krul is the surname of one of the vainglory developers/founders and the hero was named after him. The name of the dev is Tommy Krul.

Same with Silvernail, btw … named after Trevor Silvernail.

Grangor are a species, not a nation.

Glaive is from the forest grangor that take in Koshka believe. There are northern grangor that live in the mountains. SenFang is more than likely from the eastern or southern more Asian inspired parts of the world.

They’ve got to bring lore back now that they’ve gone Crossplatform …right? Right?.. :kraken_sad_t3:

I wish. One problem is that they’d have to poach Sarah back from Deep Silver Volition, which is where she now works. And I think that’s … unlikely.

That’s a badass last name then

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Edtheshred in the dev stream said lore is probably going back after they finish improving gameplay , they have a focus problem I guess , like guilds and teams is not in their list , so I think they probably going to bring back lore after they go full cross platform .

That makes no sense to me, as the devs themselves had nothing to do with creating the lore. I’m not sure I’d consider that anything resembling a reliable answer, especially considering the source.

Well he said he loves the lore which doesn’t make sense either hehehe , I think it could be causing problems with creating heroes and their abilities or are they good or evil , I think it could be a source of unnecessarily arguments about what should happen , like they talked about the gold toad and it’s probably something they argued about and disagree and removed the idea , so I would guess the lore was causing drama and removed to make the decisions easier to make .

First and foremost, Kristian is a salesman. Remember that, when you watch or read interviews with him or read answers he gives to questions. Listen to the little voice in your head that whispers “Electronic Arts” every time his face appears.



Haaaaaaa , I watched the dev stream because nivmett was there , and Edtheshred actually made it obvious that removing game modes was surprising birthday decision.

Anyway i was excited for the lore expansion and what 5v5 going to bring to the table lore wise , but I see what the devs trying to do , and if they want to make things faster , they need to get rid of the lore , especially if we talking about a whole new direction the game going towards from 3v3 to 5v5 , from mobile to cross platform .

Yah, I don’t see lore like we were used to ever coming back. It’s just not any kind of priority for them.

He seems a politician, talks a lot but says nothing.