Abilities that could be more


So i was thinking, some abilities could be more useful if they could be change as in ratios, ect.

Lance Gythian Wall
I never personally played the hero much but when i see other people using it, they use it as a knockback which is nice, but it has other purposes.
When you activate the ability, Lance holds his position for i think about 1.8 seconds. The passive is when he holds his position, he gains damage reduction up to 90% in the targeted direction.
I think this should be extended to 5 seconds but its still AGAIN optional. This allows for a longer hold time but this allows for a new thing mc change passive something.
New Thingy: If he holds his Shield for more than 2.5 seconds, his energy shield (animation on the shield) is extended on the sides of the shield and makes it wider for more team protection. And he also gains a Incoming Damage buffer for the remaining time held. (He still has is 90% damage reduction thingy)

Its kinda op but ig this can be on another shield roamer if we ever get one…

I have more abilities that could be more but im tired of typing so ill do it later. :sleeping:


Stopping skyes forward barrage with Gythian wall. Best feeling in the world. You will hear the bullets ricochet. Seriously…

Widening his shield zone could be possible but not to that extent…


I actually am always taken aback by people who use Gythian Wall’s stun efficiently, and well.

I so rarely see people who effectively use this part of his ability that I think it’s affected my anticipation for it.

Personally, I’ve always thought that Lyra’s B should root the enemies within it, not slow. (RIP snare). Stopping enemies from entering it is always wonderful to watch, especially when a Koshka or Taka don’t learn the first 100 times they attempt to assassin dive into it and fail.

Additionally, it would be interesting if Lyra’s ultimate had consequences/benefits for the team of whom enters it, i.e. the enemy team maybe taking a hit for it, or your teammates getting a brief shield for entering it.

Not sure of the intricacies, but they’re thoughts of I’ve had.


Nah fam, the most EPIC thing is when you bloco that ringo’s hot fireball. I feel like a total badass


it would have been cooler to see the fire ball chasing ur team mate and u run in its path and block it against ur shield, too bad gythian wall doesnt do that


Or protecting your carry from a kestrel ult.


Imagine if the initial swing of the shield can reflect the fireball


I actually would like if during the time he is holding the shield it acted as a wall so enemy can’t pass through it.


Not possible… It requires the Ringo to target Lance… At that point it is already GG cause Ringo is a total noob…


Which is visually attractive but do you hear the arrow bounce off?

With Skyes FB you hear each bullet bounce off of your shield…


You shall not pass!!!
Spartan-300 skin incoming…


I read You shall not pass!!! in Gandalf’s voice, so after reading “Spartan-300 skin” I had to really sit and wrap my head around it.


I freq use lance B to stand my ground and reduce dmg. :slight_smile:


one of the rare lance players that full utilize Lance then. :trophy: