A weird bug has happened to me yesterday (2 unusable item slots)

For some reason yesterday I could only have 4 items in my inventory in this one game. When I tried to buy something else, it told me that my inventory is full, which is pretty weird. I tried to take a screenshot, but I can’t do it with my tablet.

I don’t mind the bug, since it only happened once, in a casual match. But what I’d like to say is holy crap, does it ever make a big difference when you have 2 less items late in the game. It felt like every one else was over powered lol.

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This has been reported, SEMC is working on a fix.

(If you’re curious, what’s happening is that somehow your inventory has two flasks and two scout cams.)


This is interesting. I’m still new to the game, so I’m using the recommended items that they display on the bottom right. Maybe if I press the items too fast, the same one is being bought twice hehe, idk.

No, it’s a bug. In 5v5, you can’t buy or sell the healing flask or scout cam. For some reason, they’re getting duplicated, which prevents you having more than 4 other items, because in 5v5, there are 8 slots. (You can only change 6 of them. The other 2 are taken up by the flask and cam.)


Nice. No wonder i keep seeing players with only 4 items.
They’re not trolling after all…
please forgive me :sweat_smile:


Happened to me a few days back mega annoying to deal with…