A Thanks To VG

I don’t know what to say really.

I found Vainglory while searching for rpgs in the App Store and it was my first intro to a MOBA and I was immediately hooked by everything. The art was stunning, the graphics are gorgeous, and I never felt as much freedom on how I wanted to play as I did here.

VG legitimately helped me through some of my toughest moments in life and while I’m still a teenager, I dont know how that statement is gonna hold up, I’m still grateful for it.

And lastly, I really want to thank Vainglory’s art. Since I found this game when I was like, 12, I was at that phase where I just drew because “why not”. Vainglory took that and it gave me drive and it gave me what I wanted to do. This game is the reason why I started rapidly improving my own creations, it’s why I started writing in the first place. Hell, you can see a fan art post I made where I showed my improvement.

And now I’m making my own original stories, I have an art style that is firmly my own, and I have enough confidence in my skill that I’m about to enter a Webtoon contest with a large prize pool.

Because of Vainglory, I know what I want to do for a career and I legitimately can’t thank SEMC enough for that. I really can’t but I’m willing to try.