A suggestion


Is it possible to get a back to top button since some of the posts require to load multiple times to get up from bottom to top when you scroll very fast. Also on that note can we increase the posts loaded at once or is that not really possible. Like put a setting in your preferences that let’s you choose how many posts you want to load at once based on what your device can handle without lagging or is it already done automatically. Also I fell like the old forums loaded more posts per page regardless of how long the posts were.


There’s a scroll bar thingy to the right of a topic that lets you scroll easily.

Regarding increasing the number of posts that load – the software is designed to limit the number of posts loaded at once for performance reasons.


I know but some phones can handle more than others and on PC performance is not rly a problem that’s why I suggested the user can set it in their preferences since some people might just want to load more at once since maybe they only browse on the pc.


I’m talking about server performance and bandwidth.


I don’t see how sending one big chuck vs sending smaller chunks affects server bandwidth since the server only needs to send once and the rest should be handled client side since that’s how most sites work. And most of the large things that is required to load the site like the ui and stuff should be cached on your browser. Sending text even a lot of it is still relatively small.


That actually isn’t how SPAs work – Discourse uses Ember.js to dynamically load content from the server as you scroll down a series of posts, for example. Images are loaded on demand, not all at once.


well that’s why most forums don’t load stuff as they change they only load it after the next refresh from the client its more efficient bandwidth wise.


Lol, that’s exactly the opposite of “efficient” :laughing: Why would you send a bunch of data that the user might never look at?


but for example if the user(like me) scrolls tries to scroll very fast to the bottom the server is still loading the content and I still don’t look at it but the difference is I can’t scroll faster if more content is not loaded at once. Like in the old forums you can scroll up and down since all the data for each page is transmitted to the client on refresh since the text loaded here is a pretty small amount I can’t really scroll fast without stopping for a second or 2.


I’m just explaining why it works the way it does. And for short, text-only topics, there may be a brief delay while more replies are loaded. However, in longer topics which contain images, for example, it speeds up the time to display the topic by quite a bit. It’s all about efficient use of resources (CPU cycles, disk I/O, and data transfer bandwidth) and speed.


I know this stuff but I say I would prefer waiting longer on the initial load that to wait a couple secs while scrolling. And also most forums just sends everything in a page at once then its done till the next requests. But this forum the server needs to maintain a connection to every client so they can get realtime updates which obviously takes more bandwidth.


This thread isn’t the place to explain SPA design and architecture, honestly. Take a look at some references to React.js, Ember.js, and so forth. The web works differently than you think these days.


I am not old lol. Anyways pros and cons personally I would prefer more content loaded at once.