A question to you guys about stream content

When I finish eating I plan on making some additions to my OBS software to capture portrait games so I could stream DB Legends soon Which I may stream for about an hour at a time. Waddya think of this? I am also starting another test stream Air Server please work this time to keep testing stability. Should I just focus on streaming VG or would you guys like to also see DB Legends?

i played DB legends. it’s pretty fun. button mashing fun.

I guess it could be fun to watch. We’ll never know until you try it right :wink:

I am not sure what DB legends is, but, of the streams I watch, I have a much higher likelihood to revisit your stream if your content isn’t static.

To anyone curious, I am gonna begin setting up my stream at 8 PM Central Time

Stream’s live right now. Hop in if you’d like!

Alright so I think my laptop mey be the problem for streaming. It gets SUPER laggy and I think it’s what causes my phone to constantly disconnect from my laptop on airserver

post a link on your next stream.

also consider a direct cable? i don’t know the tech jargon, but i see streamers always have the device connected via cable.


Have you considered putting a link to your stream in your profile?

You are too intelligent to be kept alive…

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I can try that out. I hope it works .-.

Honestly id only watch db legends if you super whale it outside of that not so much

It is actually pretty consumer friendly. I have almost all character’s rn and my main fighters got to lvl 500 in a day It was a reroll account

Why games like that I only watch videos or streams to see how the whale Kings live and I mean those shelling out 100 bucks each time they buy

Well either way I am probably deciding to hold back on mobile game content and may just stream from my laptop apps. The first game I may stream after all may be Danganronpa lol