A Proper Event (non-VG)

<sigh> I wish SEMC would do events like THIS …

Also ...

I main D.Va, so this is THE BEST EVENT EVER


I see ur a man of culture… but skin is ur favorite tho :smirk:

My favorite is her officer skin

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Dva mains yea, she has too many good sprays, there’s not enough space to have them all lol

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Her Taegeukgi skin is my favorite and the one I use most.

Her new Waveracer skin is just awesome, however, and I’ve been using that one nonstop for the last 2 weeks.

Another favorite is her Black Cat skin … #3 on my most-used list

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Just a weird thing I notice in dresses on dva, she has this weird bump at her hip that like goes out way more than it should, like her hips become massive in dresses

I think it’s a hoop skirt – they’re popular with the lolita fashion crowd:

(I have a friend who wears lolita, otherwise I’d have had no clue.)

Was thinking it might be but it’s also on the palaquin skin, it just reminds me of meis backside in some skins lol