A new section for other games

I would like us to be able to discuss other games in a new section.

This is a healthy community of gamers where a lot of people no longer play Vainglory or play a lot of games at the same time.

The community might just outlast the game at this rate (devs leaving left and right).

Several prominent forumers have stopped playing the game but are still here contributing.

A Games that aren’t VG Section
A single thread per game.

Thread: Pokemon Go
Thread: Starcraft 2
Thread: fortnight
Etc etc etc.

This would be in the off topic section, we are all gamers and most of us don’t just play one game.

I would like us to civilly discuss this as an option.


Yeah I really want this.

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Don’t people already do that? I see relatively organized topics left and right about other stuff in off topic.

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I’m certainly not opposed to this idea, so feel free to discuss and come up with some sort of proposal. I’ll keep an eye on the thread.


So making too many sections will be cumbersome

Please note I’m not fully aware of all the features of discourse so don’t lame me like that ain’t possible, these are just ssome suggestions.

Hence, this is my idea

We can write our post as we usually do in the off topic section and we can have a option to write the name of the game (like we write the subject of the email) and this wont make a new section on the forum but rather be included in a one whole “other games” section.

And it will be displayed on the website something like this.

“Your title”
"“Name of the game”

The games will be added as sub topics on thier own and hence we wont need to make a section for each and every game out there.

What I’m implying is that no section needs to be created but rather the games need to be added to a library of games.

Like for example intially the library is empty and I make a post about some x game, then that x game will be added to the library and anyone can search the topic.

I feel I need to make this more clear on how it will work.

So lets say I want to look up topics related to warframe(btw I have been playing this recently). So I will just choose the other games category. Like normal a lot of topics in this section will show up.

Now we well have a search bar exclusive to this category where we can look up the topics related to the game by either writting the name of the game or just the title of the topic we are looking for.

Off-Topic has been working well for this so far. As long as people keep titling their threads appropriately, it’s easy to find content by browsing or searching. It probably wouldn’t make sense to create a new subcategory quite yet, but if threads on other games start taking up the whole first page of the Off-Topic section, it would be a good idea, I think.

There are some options within Discourse to add tags to threads, which is kind of neat (like “aov” “monument” “drmario” etc), but they clutter up the view and remove usable browsing space, so I’m a little hesitant to do it.

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Stuff like this is why keep saying VG is lucky to have this community. VG doesn’t know what it’s losing and it’s cool to see how much you guys enjoy interacting with each other. That being said I’m so sad Gigantic is closing down :frowning: it was really the only competitor to Overwatch. Paladins is shit and TF2 is too casual.


so I can ask around who has ps4 and plays overwatch?

Make the tread bro just do it

I play OW on PC, though I have it for XBOne also. I wish they allowed you to transfer your account to a different platform, because I’d move my XBox account --> PS4 in a heartbeat.

I has it, is fun, I is support main but can play decently in other roles

Wouldn’t mind seeing more talk about other games, do like the people here and don’t play vg much

get ps4 then XD
I would get overwatch on pc but I need to buy a new gaming laptop for that

what is your ign? I mainly play moira and mercy.

I’d love to see a section completely devoted to discussing other games, as opposed to using off-topic. I haven’t been active in here for a long time simply because I no longer have much to say in regards to Vainglory, and, while I may not be playing much (read: at all) anymore, it’s this community that has kept me here and I’d like to participate some more.


Start creating content and the topic will come.

Wow, what immense insight you’ve offered.

Well that was the response hipster gave to my thread…

No need for sarcasm lol