A New Birth


A proud race, born from the flames of the forge.

A powerful kingdom, surrounded by the tallest and toughest walls of any country.

Within these walls, on that day, a new child was to be born.

The mines of D’rak, section 12
"Alright lads, it’s time for a lunch break."
A group of twenty or so miners covered in protective gear and dust marched out of the shaft in an orderly fashion, almost like some sort of performance from a marching band. Soon, they reached an elevator, and travelled up out of the mineshaft, reaching the base after a few minutes.
Once reaching the base, they sat down near a large bench area, leaving their tools and bags on the floor, and taking off their masks and goggles.
"God, the last week has been hard."
As soon as their gear came off, the first words of complaints appeared. They came from the youngest miner, Tharker.
"Without Gar’ke, it feels like we’re going at half speed."
A nodding came from a few of the members as they ate whatever food they had made that morning, mostly just bread and meat. It was a general consensus that Gar’ke was an exceptional miner, who acted as a backbone to the group.
"Stop whining, Thar."
This voice came from Elsha, the current captain of the mining group. She was well known for being a great friend of Gar’ke and the king. She was the only particularly experienced miner in the group, with most other miners being mostly newcomers.
The rest of the 20 minute break went on without much talk. The sound of chewing and munching echoed through the room, until eventually everyone finished and started packing up.
Eventually, everyone was on the elevator, and as the doors closed, Elsha spoke to break the silence.
“Let’s say that we go see Gar’ke tonight.”

The royal hospital
"We’re here to see Gar’ke."
The secretary nodded, and pointed them towards the left wing of the hospital. The group walked in a disorganised blob down the halls of the white halls, looking dirty and out of place. They soon made it to the room, and opened the door to see a mid-aged dwarf on a hospital bed.
"Ah. Velh."
The female dwarf lay on the bed, resting. She held her hands above her stomach and lay there, asleep. Beside her was a male dwarf, peacefully sleeping on a chair.
"I’m guessing that Gar’ke is out for the count."
Velh smiled, looking up at the captain. They had also known each other for quite a long time, as they had grown up together.
"It finally happened."
She pointed her belly under the sheets.
"Does this mean we can have our best miner back soon?"
Velh grinned at Elshas question, and Elsha grinned back.
"I’ll be keeping him for a little longer. I want the first few days to be together."
Elsha nodded, and Tharker pipped up from behind her.
“What did you call him?”

"I want him to follow in his daddies footsteps, so I decided to use a traditional dwarf name."
The group nodded in anticipation.
“His name is… TONY.”