A More Transparent Layout?

I mean transparent in it’s literal definition of ‘allowing light to pass through it so that objects behind can be distinctly seen’. Could this be an option with forum headers, topics, and the overall layout (what is currently a shade of black) that folks could elect in their interface settings?

I want to see Catherine EVEN MORE. :eyes:

Just a thought! Certainly not a pressing desire, and I may be the only forumer who has such a thought.

EDIT: Upon looking a little closer and with more focus, it already is somewhat transparent, so overall, I like it - perhaps a shade more transparent could be an option? Thank you for a great site!

The problem is one of legibility – the web font we’re using is pretty light, and if the post backgrounds were less opaque, it would make the text difficult to read, particularly against some backgrounds.


Fair enough. Tbqh, it’s quite nice on the desktop. It’s when I’m on mobile where it’s less transparent, but it’s a picky point and tbqh I just love how intuitive this site is on mobile that I’m not really concerned about it. Just thought I’d mention it. Keep up the good work, oh captain my captain!

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