A little Vent, and a question

Apologies - but a little vent - HOW is it possible that SO many people are SO bad and yet they got tier 10? Party carries? It’s a serious question. How do I get matched with an 0/6 Celeste that builds :vgitem_aftershock: ? A 1/6 Joule that builds :vgitem_poisonedshiv: ? A team that doesn’t draft support? A dude that one tricks Idris? SMH.

This game is so fun and so cool - but man, it can depress your soul at times. I’m not claiming I’m great. I can’t hard carry a game like Xeno, Zio, L30n and folks like that. But I know I’m good enough to help contribute toward a win. Tier 10 feels nothing to be proud of anymore. End rant. Much love to you all!


How? Two words: penta queue. It’s so easy to abuse the rank system people get there without really understanding the game.
The worst I saw was AS and AC celeste. Also with baron.


Are you sure you’re not just watching me play!? LOL - I had a Celeste with :vgitem_alternatingcurrent: as well. Maybe WE are the ones who are bad. I am going to try that build right now! :laughing:

I have decided that I just need to enjoy the game more. Have fun. Play the role I want. If we lose, oh well. VG isn’t serious enough right now where it’s worth grinding super hard. I tend to have more fun when I play with folks like @Imanoob and I don’t worry as much. Will I try to win and be competitive? Yes. But I’m done trying to correct people in chat. Just going to stay positive. Have fun. If we lose, welp, we lose.

I am really happy for the organizers of the NASL tournament, but if one of the biggest hype things going for VG right now is a community-run, $1k prize tournament (while games liek Fortnite, and heck, even right now, Brawl Stars is having a $250,000 prize pool tournament) - it’s no wonder why VG’s top talent pool is extremely inconsistent.


Yeah, I think that’s the best way to look at the state of the game rn.


The prize pool for this year’s tournament is $33.1 million, with the first place winner taking home over $15 million :astonished:


Party q isnt necessary to get tier 10, the elo system is flawed you can get tier 10 with a 40% win rate you just gotta play a lot.

To reach tier 10 I agree. Which is where the problem lies. If you’re matched with high 9 and low 10, you’re playing with people with sub 45 win rates

To maintain or improve your elo at tier 10, you need at least a 50% win rate.

The other day, XenoTek made the claim you can get silver with a 40%. I love the dude, but it came across as a bit salty and it’s just not true. Let’s say each win gave you +7 elo (high end in T10) and each loss gave you -3 (low end). Out of 10 matches with a 40% win rate, you’ve only gained 10 elo over roughly 5 hours of gaming. Again, that’s assuming you’re always being matched against tougher opponents to have those elo results. Most of the time, it’s 4-5 either way, in which case, you’d lose elo at a 40 win rate.

I’ve seen people get vg silver with a 45% win rate, i could prove it to you if vgpro was still a thing.

I’d buy 45% just a bit more, but it’d be a tediously slow process. 50% seems a more reasonable statement to reach VG silver, and 55 and up to reach it relatively quickly.

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