A little known Bug put to good use

Remember the bug where another player could control your hero?

What if we put that bug to good use?

I’m talking about Assisted game play

2 people in the same room, controlling the same hero on 2 different devices. one is a learner… one is a teacher…

I just thought this would be helpful to those who are handicapped as well. People who are sick. people missing fingers. or just generally lack something and need help improving.

Its a mobile moba right? its entertainment for the bed ridden or just people who like staying indoors.

We already know it’s possible. It just needs to be regulated. Maybe a registered device with owner details.

Its also a great way to interact with the general public who are unfamiliar with touch controls.
So, SEMC or any VG promoter… sets up their information booth… get people to try it out… See where this is going? if they like it, its no problem.
but if they don’t, Assisted game play could be the deciding factor on whether they give it a go.

Just a thought.:smirk:


I have seen a bug in the spec client in pbe which allowed a spectator to take control of someone so… its kinda probably not that hard to implement this - but it is very very abusable.

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Presumably, it would only be usable in bot matches or special “learner” matches.


i was thinking any match that’s not ranked. but probably best in private matches with spectators who can be the teacher…

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This is actually a good concept that I think is worth SEMC considering. It would be a big leap towards making MOBAs more accessible.

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As long as Imthedoom can take over my account and boost me to VG Gold…

…haha, jk, I’d be miserable at that tier.

With some smart programming, they could make the “teacher taps” a different colour.
So the student knows how he got corrected.

I really feel VG needs to grow and this would be a moba first. They like being at the forefront don’t they?

The more I think about this, the more I like the idea. It would shorten the learning curve. It would bring groups together.

The end screen could display a “percentage” of teacher input. To see how much the student has improved.

Please, SEMC, use this idea. :star_struck:

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