5v5 run smoother than 3v3 - high setting run smoother than low setting.... how come?

as the title…

i wonder why
i’m using mini 2.
5v5 and high setting run flawlessly. very smooth…

but 3v3 is not… and lower graphic setting is worse. far worse…

how come??

BBBUTTERY SMOOTH!! (30 characters)


For real?
I’ve never tried the high settings, I always play on medium.
That’s why I’ve yet to see the fog of war in my games (I hope they add it in the future for lower settings) but if this is the case then I’ll surely give it a try…

I have an odd feeling it’s the network lag you’re experiencing and not graphical lag. Since 3.0, at least in my experiences (though I’ve read some others having the issue, for example see this thread ) 3v3 has been acting very funky. Though, if you’re not getting a ping warning then I can’t say for sure… I’ve had some laggy 3v3 with no ping errors. Hope it helps.

3v3 is stuttering at certain moment for a long time in my mini2 (especialy first encounter with opponent heroes)

this is not the case in 5v5

and low graphic setting is far less smooth than high graphic setting. this is not a network problem i believe

I’m fairly certain what you’re experiencing is a network problem. As I stated above, I’ve had matches with lots of lag (read: stuttering) in movement and input. I’ve also had spikes of network lag before, akin to how you’ve explained, only when matching up against the opposing team. Lots of the time that I have experienced this, I haven’t had ping errors. I cannot assume this is a fault of graphics based on what you’re describing.

Agree, I also got my fair share of lags without the ping indicator over the years. Maybe packets lost or smth similar + as the prediction of the game is weak - a lot of stuttering, pressed but not activated abilities and so on.

High setting actually still smooth but i prefer play on medium for FPS but yeah low graphic = low fps, worst graphic