5v5 ranked

Do you think a person whos t7 in 3v3 will be as good in 5v5 or worse or better? A lot of people are saying “Your 3v3 tiers dont even matter in 5v5” which is a very wrong thing to tell. I can tell easily that your elo in 5v5 will be almost similar to your 3v3 elo. Its cos of the way vg works. Yes, 5v5 is more complex. 10 times more complex than 3v3 maybe. But if a player cant even master 3v3, he cant even get close to mastering 5v5. People dont understand basic rotations in 3v3 and the concept of ambient gold. Theres no way they will understand 5v5 concepts and playmaking. A dota or a LOL player(whos at decent elo) playing vainglory 5v5 will probably understand 5v5 concepts. But for others, its just like ML or some random moba where spamming abilities n doing damage wins you games. If youre annoyed at how noob your teammates are in 3v3, brace yourselves for 5v5 and just pray you get decent teammates who dont forget to take the gold toad and jungle buffs. Ive played quite a few 5v5 games in the past 2 weeks and i can tell that i had a much better experience with the golden ticket users than i m having right now. People just want to fight blindly. I picked saw bot lane one game n legit pushed turrets n got the win though we were like 10-30. Only opp team ardan tried to stop me lmao. The others are blindly jungling or busy in teamfights. So i had a few questions-
1)Do u think 3v3 elo should be considered for 5v5 elo?
2)Do you think 5v5 should start afresh with a completely different elo system starting at zero elo?(I hope we all start at t1 and not t4)
3)Do u think that rank elo system needs a completely different approach than 3v3?
4)Should SEMC implement the ranked banning system in 5v5 just like the ones in other 5v5 mobas where you are allowed to rank only if you have a certain amount of karma?
5)Should 5v5 ranked be unlocked at a much higher level with higher hero requirement now that levelling up has been made easier than before?

I was lucky enough to have a ticket and what I found was a generally lack of understanding. Clearly higher elo skill tier players are going to have better mechanics (which is important), and I’d rather be on a team of VG players than CT. This was clear, low skill players were far more likely to wander around, forget to defend or push lanes etc.

I’ve no idea how they intend to balance this from a rank perspective. Do they have the player base to ensure everyone is within one tier of each other? Probably not, but what they can’t do is leave a tier 9 player with a bunch of CT level team mates against an all VG team. That’s fun for nobody.


I easily understood the style of play for the 5v5 from my first match. A big adjustment needs to be made in playing style especially in your playing the middle lane. I actually prefer the 5v5


It depends. I’ve checked a lot of stats on vgpro.gg to see peoples old 3v3 tiers. I can say it dosent matter and it dose. Technically the higher their tier the better skill they have and understanding. I’ve wrecked t10s and have been wrecked by t10s. The game is still being figured out by thos who didnt have a golden ticket. I come form a background of playing league of legends since like 2010, so 5v5 feels like riding a bike to me. Individual preformance can be ruined by teammates who can not hold their lanes, junglers who never gank, tanks that never roam, players with zero map awarness and EVERYONE is responsible for vision. basically a few noobs mixed in on the same team with pros can ruin your match. once players start synergizing better the ones with the higher old 3v3 tiers will rise again.


Well, I don’t completely disagree with the whole tier thingy.
Like, if you are t10 in 3v3, you would obviously have greater mechanical skill, and you can win lane against a t6/7 laner in 5v5, and that matters a lot.

But, I also feel that a t8 who has a complete understanding of splitpushing, how to maintain vision, rotation patterns, when to push and when to freeze lane, which lane to gank, when to rush objectives, etc has a better chance at winning as compared to a t10 with pure mechanical skills and 0 game knowledge (it’s just an example, no t10 has 0 game knowledge lol)

Iam saying this because I’ve been matched against VGs in 3v3s (i was 6 gold last season) and almost all of the matches obviously ended in a loss for my side, since they knew everything there is to know about the game, had mechanics far greater than us, knew exact rotations, etc etc

BUT, I’ve won a match against a full POA bronze-gold team with t5/6 players on my side (and a t10 roam), mainly through splitpushing.
I’ve also won against some VG silver duo, because the rest of the team was worthy foe and I just kept ganking the weaker lanes and destroying the turrets in that specific lane, which eventually gave us a decent enough gold lead.

More on topic, I feel like they should separate 5v5 elo and 3v3 elo, that is if they decide to keep 3v3 ranked.

I feel that the initial rank should either be decided by some matches, or by our current MMR, since starting from 1 would have vgs/poas and people who are in the same game with t3/4 people, and newer players wouldn’t really like being snowballed like every game and going 0/16 every match.

I also hope that ranked 5v5 is unlocked at atleast level 15 if not 20, since the game depends a LOT more on individual skill now, and believe me, it’s annoying as hell when you are somehow holding lane against a POA , and your mid and top gets destroyed because all people wanna do is rush mid or try taking the dragons when everyone is up.

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Yes. Higher tier players definitely do better. They have a better understanding of how to lane properly, which hasn’t changed from 3v3, and understand the concept of game phases and how to play them properly.

It was clear during the golden ticket access. Higher tiers definitely perform better in individual mechanics, game phases, farming, and objective capture.

Obviously the same. The reason why in 3v3 people get into high tier by having more knowledge than others, more reflex, more awareness, more strategies, and more other skills.

If they have brains for that, in 5v5 they will use the same brain to develop those skills again. Just another factors.