5v5 ranked/casual match

Why is it that when i try to play 5v ranked or casual, all that happends is waiting and NEVER at match make? Is there ANY possible way to play a 5v5 now? If there is a way, how do you Get to joine a match? What Are the steps? Been surcharging online forever but nothing to find. PLEASE HELP !!

The player base has pretty much shrunken down so much to the point that there are times (ex. 5pm to 100m) where you can get matches. Where to find the correct time periods? Idk its some discord server.

Also iirc 5v5 is completely dead so don’t hold your breath on playing that game mode either :lyra: Its been so many years idk things could change but you probably won’t find much here.

Check your region and server for activity during peak hours, and consider partying up for faster matchmaking.