5v5 Officially Launches Feb 13th

Yes, yes, now we all can suffer together.

Edit: source is their current livestream. I will update with a link of some sort the moment one becomes available.

Edit: cap of the moment of the announcement.


Source? I hope it is soon. I really wanna see what happens when 5v5 is finally active. I feel like the first two months will really show if the game will succeed or not.

Source is the live stream, straight from EdTheShred’s mouth.

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The game definitely needs some tuning but it’ll be fine. 5v5 definitely has more strategic depth and room for a more versatile meta, but overall its very polished considering it’s still basically in open beta.

Yes, but what time? Does anyone know?


It’s been out for a few hours already

I just sen that I thought the release wasnt until the 13th? O.o

WHo cares I’ll take it lol

Nope, it got released earlier than expected, just like 2.12, probably to get that 5v5 hype out asap

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