5v5 map too big?

What do you think of having a smaller version of 5v5 map? Like 2 lanes instead of 3, with jungle in the middle. I think it will provide more team battle action, and rotating around map will be much easier.

I think the more versions of the game, the longer it will take to find matches over all, as everyone will be divided up.

I think I saw suggested elsewhere that a speed increase would be nice for 5v5 since it seems to take forever to run anywhere.

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The maps 5v5 is quiet enough for me. It is perfect. The worst is, playing capt roam in 5v5 is very difficult because the map is so big so there are many things need to pay attention for roamer.

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if they plan on transferring the brawl modes to 5v5, such a map would be nice for blitz.

I disagree that the map is too big, I like the strategic depth a larger map offers and I still find games are typically 15 - 20 minutes as it is. So its a good size.

Your suggestion of a 2 lane map has sparked my imagination though :thinking: Maybe a full jungle map with no lanes? :smirk: Could be interesting.


I think if the map was smaller it’d take away from the overall feeling and strategy of 5v5. That being said, the more I play 5v5, the smaller it feels.

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i think the map is a perfect size. compared to other 5v5 MOBAs, getting around is a lot faster considering the river flow current and the speed boost you get at the base. the only suggestion i’d make is to have portals on opposite ends of the map connecting the opposite lanes.

but make the portals’ presence random. like some games, the map has the connecting portals and other games it doesn’t, make it like a 50/50 chance of playing a game that has the portals. i think the randomness can open up interesting strategies and different types of gameplay just based on the portals alone.

edit : i also wouldn’t mind the portals having a rotation of changing locations (i.e. one game the portals connect the two dragons, the other they connect the two jungles, then in another the lanes are connected, then in some there wouldn’t be any portals at all).

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Due to its size, it is generally a good idea to prioritize higher tiered boots early in the game, especially if you plan on moving around a lot.

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It is perfect, people just need to learn how to play zone better rather than wondering all around the map.

Laners need to stay on their laner till the black claw and ghost wing captures. Only the Captain and jungler should be rotating until the late game.

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