5v5...I’ll never go back to 3v3


Ever since 5v5 dropped, I haven’t even touched 3v3. I’m having so much fun figuring out new strategies, finding hero lane strengths, and jungle rotations that i have absolutely no interest in 3v3. I don’t think I’ll even go back to 3v3 unless guildy’s wanted to party up.

With all that being said, what do you guys think? Will you be playing 3v3 again?

  • Yes
  • No

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@idmonfish why yes thou?

Here is your 30 characters: OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO!

Thats only one character…

Anyway the yes is because sure 5v5 is shiny and new but I still enjoy 3v3 - I’ll admit this is probably because I have had a lot more exposure to 5v5 than most players because I’m a core tester - so have been playing it most days for almost 5 months now.

I think about 80% of my play time will be spent in 5v5 but I’ll still play brawl and 3v3 sometimes.

Same, while I will play mainly 5vs5, I still will play some 3vs3 (even ranked).

you dont want to go down this route. and i reserve the 30 characters joke for myself, just waiting for a good opportunity to make such a post without ruining anything.

3v3 will always have its place in vg, allthough i wouldnt be surprised if they decided to put the 3v3 rank on a pause or only open the q for it on the evenings/weekends to ensure an actual matchmaking.

i dont think that the current brawl modes will tansition to 5v5 soon, if they ever do. blitz would be impossible on the 5v5 map (it would turn into a game of who kills the most towers the fastest)
and battle royale doesnt need to be longer in time.
i hope they do sth different for 5v5.


I can’t get myself to play 5v5. Played few matches and got bored (probably because of the matchmaking). Maybe after update when matchmaking gets better.

I will play 3v3 even there were a newer 5v5.

There’s one thing 5v5 doesn’t have.

Our nice Kraken.
Do not forget her. One of the hope for coming back.

3v3 is a brawl joke now that kraken is guaranteed to be a onesided element.

You push a kraken in enemy lane. Then two people attack with kraken without comitting and the third takes sentry and steals enemy jungle farm.

The snowballed side has to defend vs kraken gets no reward nor farm as long as the kraken is incoming.

Meanwhile the pushing side gets gold from turret kills and can farm as much as they like even ignore their own push to starve the enemy further.

The gold difference between the snowballer and the defender is a gap that can’t be closed…

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See my above post. Kraken is the gamebreaker…

Yes I see. But can I just like her ;(

What is this 3v3 you speak of?

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The reason Im installing vg again is bcuz of 5v5 map. So yeah. Bye 3v3 map. Im already tired playing on that map. I have retired for one year. I hope 5v5 will be good

Maybe a few games to push rank this last month of the season. Doubt 3v3 will see much action when ranked 5v5 comes out (I presume with spring season).

I have a feeling 3v3 ranked will be removed? Or maybe your rank will now be some combination of 3s and 5s, I saw that they were going to rework the ranking system prior to 5v5 ranked.

I’ll definitely revisit 3v3 to get away from 5v5 when it becomes frustrating, or stale. Need to do things in moderation.

My rank in 3v3 is decaying. I don’t give a damn, 3v3 lacks the strategy and macro play of 5v5, it’s just inferior in every way.

Heck even game times are roughly the same


I don’t think they’ll combine them – the modes are too different. I agree that what’s most likely is that ranked in 3v3 will go away, and you’ll be left with just rank points, the way they’re now shown for Blitz.

Totally agree. I would even go to say… 5v5 is faster and ends sooner.
Victory on 5v5 is Oh So Satisfying :opaf:

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Turn around? Thought you disliked 5v5?

well… my concerns of 5v5 got squished like a tiny little ant under my thumb. it’s not laggy, actually smooth… it’s not a super long game… actually shorter… and just so many different plays… so more strategic depth.

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I agree wholeheartedly. My influence per game is felt way more in 5v5 then in 3v3…