4th hero skills?

If semc makes the 4th skill of each hero what will be the skill u guys can imagine?

I would state that they wouldn’t do that.

However: they would never make 5v5 and never add joystick control and never revisit LE skins…

They could best split skills with double effects into new skills so that the kit would be enriched without changing all that much.

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Aw man but if they make 1 what will it look like ringo for example,will his 4th skill having two hands and shoot like saw but fire damage lol this is just my imagination of course that wont happen

Since there are 38 heroes your question would be for us to put in your threads effort tenfold on our side.

I could imagine baptistes 4th skill.

Follow the shades when an enemy is feared or stunned Baptiste jumps on that target using the darkness that triggered the enemies misery. An ability that would make him engage easier with B and C

They never said anything about not doing 5v5, in fact, 5v5 started developing at the same time as 3v3, as they consider it the “final” product.

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Lol, there is a meme about @Doer
5v5 is never gonna happen.

Will you make 5v5 @Doer?


Sorry to burst your bubble but your statement is unfortunately completely false…

From the old forums:

Hey SEMC , :slight_smile:

I have an idea about making a new map , it’s a 5v5 map with 3 lanes and 2 jungles for each team it will be great . I just got bored from the same map I play everyday , so a new map idea will be great . Some people will say that a 5v5 map can’t be on touch device but that’s false , because there is other moba games on touch devices and have a large 5v5 map and it’s great . But we need a new map in Vainglory.
It’s an awesome idea :slight_smile: , and will have so much fun playing on the new map . Also I appreciate every single action you do for us . Like cmon it been too long without a new map :smiley:

Kindly regards ,
IGN : 7MooD :smiley:
Oct 13, 2015
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Oct 13, 2015

I’m saying what Captain Neato said.

He is lying through his teeth… Semc repeatedly told us that 5v5 would never happen. They kept repeating that for like 2 years…

I feel like a precursor to a 4th ability is more item diversity and more hero diversity. There simply isn’t enough to create harmony and balance if a 4th ability is added.

Map tweaks is also needed.

One such balancing I would propose to prevent 5 team ganks is seperating heroes and not allowing 5 heroes to stack on top of each other. they will hit the box wall when approaching another hero.

It also makes no sense that 5 heroes can be on top of each other in a tiny brush.

I got this idea from playing LOL recently. VG has taken alot of inspiration from LOL, so why not one more…

Another lie from SEMC, what a surprise.

Nope no surprise at all, that was my original response here lmao

well, they did.

I think you’re talking about the founding members collaboration stage.

either way, you made one wrong statement, followed up by a correct statement, which is where the confusion comes in.

Lets wait 2 years until this games starts to “die” then SEMC will add the 4th abilities and say “4th abilities was always on our mind but…” :haha:


Lol tbh if they ever add the 4th abilities it will take a long time to balance everything

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give me a dollar every time SEMC goes back on their words


That would put me in the poor house hahaha


4th skill happens only for :joystick:

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You would be rich.

This text will be blurred

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The overdrives can lead to effects similar to talents. That way the choice what to OD will be more impactful + depending of the situation/enemy/playstyle.

So with 4 abilities will we get 18 levels instead of 12