4.9 update opinion

Despite big announcements about Rogue and nCore, the next update seems just like any other updates and I feel disappointed. I hope 5.0 will bring something new.

To be honest, no one should have expected anything special from this update. We aren’t going to see the effects of Rogues roadmap and development style for probably 1-2 updates.

I think this update is still SEMC’s not rogue.

I don’t think it’s semc because the art style and balance changes are different it’s like semc maybe did something to show rogue in charge or rogue did it themselves , but from checking in the game in the App Store it’s says rogue since last update I would say this update should be a rogue update, do not forget the gifts they were/are limited between 4.8 and 4.9 , which means 4.9 is rogue .

I find your ‘evidence’ to be unconvincing in the extreme. :thinking:

I agree with @Dooogeee and @coltonJW here: although SEMC and Rogue have established a transition team who have been working together since early summer, everything about the announcement was forward-looking, suggesting that the actual handover of development hadn’t yet occurred. My feeling is that it is too early to look for any changes that can be attributed to Rogue’s team. The fact that this update contains almost nothing (a few skins and the usual small balance changes) supports that belief.

This. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even longer before we see anything major.


Yeah, wish that the transition was done sooner. As with lol WR on the horizon, I don’t know… there is not that much time left before that happen.

They did say somewhere that they were hoping to move back to monthly releases, so perhaps change will come sooner than we think …

I agree with you that there isn’t much time to change the trajectory the game is on … I think that once Wild Rift hits beta, it’s going to suck all the oxygen out of the room. If VG isn’t healthier by then, I think that’s probably the end.


Just to give you guys some ideas, Roque has been publishing some games for Apple Arcade but the reviews on these games seems to be mixed, some games’s reviews are on the negative sides

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Yeah, VG is a big departure from their usual fare … they admitted as much in their statement after the official announcement. That’s another reason that it’s unlikely that they made any significant contribution to the 4.9 update – they’re still getting up to speed on what developing a game like VG even means.

Re: the reviews – App Store reviews (like most user reviews around the net) are unreliable at best, fraudulent at worst. Coupled with the fact that those games are nothing like VG, I don’t think we can make any predictions as to how their work on VG is likely to be received, honestly.


I agree that reviews on App Store can be fraudulent, many free games ask you to rate five stars in return for some items; but Apple Arcade reviews is blocked by a paywall subscription and these games legit needs more work. I will take your words as we can not make any predictions as to how they will work on VG but keeps in mind that because of VG, SEMC was able to fund more than 10M for their next project.

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Excellent point – I missed those were Arcade reviews.

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@hazeleyes @khainl1110 Rogue has been really active on reddit, here’s one of his replies addressing specifically this:

“Per my previous post, we work with developers all over the world; hence why we have a diverse portfolio of games. This is not any indication of how we will treat Vainglory; as we are heavily involved in the content development of the game going forward and will take all feedback into consideration.

We have worked on some of the biggest games ever created, so trust me when I say this…Vainglory will not be an issue for us. It will take some time to get our head around the code, bugs, history, etc.

Rest assured, Vainglory is in good hands.

Feel free to Tweet any questions to me directly at @mdelaet

Thanks :pray:


Just to clarify, I DO feel they’ll be able to do the work, and it’s quite clear they’re motivated and enthusiastic about it. It’s also clear that they have to learn the code – which in some cases is not well written/maintained – so it’s important not to temper short term expectations and not to expect too much too soon.

My worry is that the (potential) titan just over the horizon will arrive on the scene before Rogue can rescue VG from the path it’s on.


I’m not (I hate Reddit, as is probably obvious), but maybe folks who are could point some Rogue people in the direction of a friendly community forum focused on VG? :wink:


I don’t think they are doing any of it in-house. I went on LinkedIn and saw zero software developers on their roster. While it’s possible that none of their software developers are on LinkedIn, it’s unlikely, given how many would be needed to continue developing at the slow pace needed to just stave off death. They also have zero listings for the kinds of jobs that would be needed for this new development.

They are partners with a development company in India, and I expect that most of the hiring would be through them rather than Rogue directly.

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They partner with nCore, an India game publishing company. Seems like they want to expand VG to the Asian market since content creators in India and asian countries like Vietnam still hosting community gatherings and players are still very active, as you can see on Vainglory Game fb page. So expect more asians themed skins, whether you like it or not :wink:


Will do, if you have Twitter he replies there as well (perhaps more than reddit even).

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Also in app store reviews are region based. One should check the reviews on the web, iirc there it shows all if not logged in (incognito). In the app itself it shows only the ones from your country.

As for the new team, seriously - no matter the legacy, it’s tons better to have a team that want to improve the game and accomplish something, elbeit not that skilled, vs team that dropped the game (I would also argue how skilled is the current SEMC team compared to the one behind VG creation and strong period).


Counter argument - most people are still on the free 1 month trial after launch of the arcade. So no paywall right now on those reviews. :slight_smile:

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