4.4 Friends list data migration

For 4.4, SEMC is moving the friends list database in order to supposedly help with its issues. However, because of the migration, everyone’s friend lists will essentially reset, with friend requests being sent to all of the players on it upon logging in on 4.4 that will automatically be accepted as soon as they log in on 4.4 themselves. Their reasoning behind this is to get rid of inactive accounts from current players’ friend lists. In addition a cap of 500 friends (with some exceptions) will be put in place.


Does this mean pressing on a friend might not randomly scroll down the list anymore? Sign me up.


Everyone liked that

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happy minion noises


Hopefully they also punish dodging a bit more…

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They need first to solve the crashing bug

as someone whos friendlist has not loaded in at least half a year: :thumbs:

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Maybe in 4.5 but doubtful… They r waiting for mLoL to be close to release

To me, this is just an indication of staggeringly poor database design/architecture. Amazing.

No actually. It is a sign that they wanna clean up things and reduce load on servers.

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No doubt that’s their goal, but I’m talking about the fact that they’re apparently unable to do a migration server-side without the client being involved.

There’s no reason it should be as complicated as they’re making it.

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Does everyone have the ridiculous friends bug where you and other ppl spam folks to be friends?

I’ve got tied 4s in my friends list I’ve never heard off.

I was having that happen before this latest update. It seems to have stopped now, but I confess I’ve only opened the client twice since the update.

I’ve got it constantly, getting a little tired o having to clear ppl out only for them to pop up two days later.

I had these recurring friend invites. If both people decline it stops coming back.