4.10 bug hunt

So Chat still isn’t fixed, but what did we expect.
A new bug I’ve found is quick buy no longer works, the items just don’t appear even once you’ve selected them, you have to open the shop to buy. Only played one match so I dunno if it’s permanent or I caused it to happen somehow.

Say what?! :man_facepalming:

Yup just played a ranked, was really annoying, kept walking past the shop and assuming I didn’t have enough gold for my Husk, was only when I died I realised I was sitting on 5k.

Oh also the loading screen images were stretched on my device…

I just went into practice to test and they worked normally. I’ll have to see if this only effects ranked later.

The quickbuy not working happens to me to although every now and then. Not consistently, similar to no sound bug.


The sound bug is caused by fortress, I am 99% positive about it. It never happened to me without fort in the game. Images are stretched for me too in the loading screen. Chat bug… this is as big as removing stats. Dunno why they don’t focus on essential parts of the game.

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Yeah when i think about it i think fortress was in my games too. Its something when he ults and says “fortress” i think.

I really hope they fix chat in next update. Its about time.

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Would not count on that, this bug is quite old… :frowning:

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Skaarf’s goop bug on turrets just grinds my gears


This. Apparently goop works perfectly on T1 turrets while on the the rest of the turrets it doesn’t

No i am pretty sure it happened to me on t1 turrets

I tried it on pratice mode and t1 turrets were goopable while the others weren’t. Maybe you’re talking about 3v3 turrets?

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I’m not sure for how long this visual bug has been existing but i found this today while trying to take some screenshots (using b and recall)

This is some nightmare fuel right there



Can’t unsee …

Oh, this has been in the game for years. I think either Cyeye, Gattorex or Jinko pointed it out in one of their old VG videos, but I can’t remember when. The fact that it could’ve been Jinko tells you something about how old this is, he hasn’t made VG vids since like Grumpjaw’s release I think

Then it’s likely that this visual bug existed since celeste’s release. By the way, did they fix spider queen kestrel’s b?

No idea, haven’t played Kestrel in a while. I’ll check it out sometime

What was the bug there? :thinking:

It was a visual bug where the dust of her b is bigger that it should be


Yep the bug is still here and i got an ultra big web while using b and lagging at the same time