3v3 first impressions

Played like 10 3v3 ranked today in 8 months so here is what i picked up:

*There is literally no strategy behind drafts its just about who gets more broken picks

*Cheesy strats , some first rotations are just obnoxious specially those centered around krul and churnwalker they just muscle their way into your jungle and take everything.

*Lacklusture rotations, there is little to no outplay potential you can outsmart or out rotate your opponent and at any moment of the game you can very safely predict when everyone is on the map.

Opinion: It just feels so lame compared to 5v5 i just i don’t get it how anyone can prefer 3v3 over 5v5 its so brain dead

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It’s not like hitting something against a cc chained hero is really hard. It’s in this state due to them not balancing it.
3v3 was never about rotations, it was about raw mechanical skill and outplaying in team fights. If you think there is no out play potential you are doing something wrong.
3v3 is far from brain dead, the only ones that feel like that are those who play anka or krul.
You don’t understand why people keep playing 3v3, but neither do I about 5v5, except that I do for both modes: having fun.


3v3 at the moment is about who gets the better picks but before it was never really that strategic and if you decided to do some micro play it never really meant you win the game. You can play Koshka and abuse your early game and make the enemy jg fall behind but if your laner is losing lane in a 2v1 and enemy captain begins rotating, you lose.

It was about trying to get your carry to start snowballing and that’s probably why Celeste jg and other carry jungle heroes became more popular in high tiers, though there was also the significant level vs gold difference between jungle and lane.

Well yeah you just confirmed my point its brain dead, there isn’t any thoughts behind your actions you just let your skills do the talking its all about mechanics so there is no outplay potential you can’t outsmart your opponents. 3v3 is basically a slower paced blitz without talents, it is fun cause its action packed but its inferior to 5v5 in every way, a moba is all about making strategic choices, mechanics help you execute your decisions. Basically 5v5 is mechanics + strategy while 3v3 is just mechanics (which is fun don’t get it me wrong but it’s an inferior game mode). Saying 3v3 is better than 5v5 would be the equivalent of ordering a burger at a fastfood restaurant and saying you’ve got a better meal than someone who’s ordered the same burger but with some fries and a salad on the side. It just doesn’t add up does it.

Ive made this point many times. Its not just 3v3 tbh. The game is becoming just like all other mobas. Its all becoming damage oriented. No one even buys aegis anymore. Its all husk. Disgusting.

I’ve never said 5v5 was worse than 3v3 from a MOBA perspective. There is a lot of out play potential, but not outsmart potential, they are different. Is more mechanically requiring, so saying that a mode that requires you to out play the opponent it’s brain dead it’s false. Sure, in terms of rotations it is, but not in terms of fighting, contrary to 5v5 where you just kill anyone that gets cc chain.


I play 3v3 because I could do something in the game , I feel lost in 5v5 , but a lot of 3v3 players going to say (if we want to play 5v5 we play league or dota2) , I think 3v3 is good and got a potential to be better , semc absolutely got ideas could make 3v3 the best but they hold on because they don’t want to ruin their only mode , now with them having 5v5 , I would like to see a different 3v3 from what they already planned to do then stopped to do 5v5 .