3v3 feels unfinished

In 3v3 you are locked in a single lane and are at the mercy of an idiot who may or may not provide vision.

5v5 has 2 extra item slots and freedom to move.

3v3 needs to be changed to match 5v5 for right now my casual 5v5 feel way better than my ranked matches…

What is your point? You want them to change 3v3 into 5v5?

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His point is vision and flasks should be the same in 3v3 as they are in 5v5.

Personally I feel the game won’t be finished till they’ve resolved draft. Before the games even started your reliant on your team mates not being selfish. For instance the third person to draft should really indicate a willingness to roam (assuming nobody else has locked it in) but 90% of the time they don’t, and 30% of the time you end up without a roam. It virtually always leads to snowballs and UE suffers, I don’t want to waste 20 minutes in a game I know we can’t win.

Umm. No. NO… 3V3 is just fine. They’ve spent over 3 years developing it. If they wanted to add flasks to 3v3 they would have. But who cares now? I’m never playing 3v3 again. Unless its BR or Blitz. 5v5 fo life!

I agree, fix draft. It’s broken af

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I still enjoy 3v3, I’ve got a golden ticket but haven’t played much. At the moment youre stuck with low tier players wandering around without any clear logic or plan. Just yesterday the BF in top lane was getting snowballed a little so he decided to just vacate to the bottom and middle lane leaving saw to push.

I want cams even if its just 1 and my flask without them taking slots…

Having build in vision and flask would alleviate 80% of the need to have a captain… Captains are why draft sucks…

My last match I lost because my captain refused to buy vision. He was Flicker. I had to sell my flask to finish my build and lay down vision myself. I was MVP but still lost the match probably because he is playing 5v5 where he doesn’t need to buy vision…

Captains make or break you in 3v3. That’s the way the mode is designed, and it’s what makes it uniquely challenging.

It is what makes mid tier Elo incredibly frustrating.

Be a captain=lack a good carry in 80% of the games.

Be a good carry and you get a bad captain who buys fountain at 12 minutes…

Meanwhile in 5v5 I perform like poa silvers are performing.

3v3 is bad…

Want it to be okay and unique? Give me back my potions…

3v3 is what it is. I think SEMC has taken it about as far as it can go without major changes, such as a new map. (Ffs, why no new map in 3+ YEARS??) I think we’re unlikely to see much attention paid to it for quite a while, as 5v5 is (and should be) their main focus for this year.

I agree with the frustrations you mention – I play soloQ a lot out of necessity, and I am constantly stuck with weak carries, selfish junglers, or incompetent captains. The only silver lining is that in 3v3, it’s possible to hard carry your team if one member (or in some cases, both other members) sucks. Good luck doing that in 5v5 :wink:

I do that in 5v5.

I push my own lane hard and then wreak havoc in another lane while farm stealing enemy jungle.

I was 8/2/5 and that was only my second 5v5 game…

To be honest , 3v3 is getting easier with the speed boosts and longer ranges
So you could play without boots , and make the slot for vision or more damage.

I roamed a lot of matches in 3v3 after 2.12 update and i lost a lot of them
I get people do weird banning or picking , like flicker banned , i didnt face any problems against flickers , they let vox not banned and they dont pick him .

I dont know if iam going to continue playing 3v3 , i think ill drop too much elo


The MMRs for 3v3 and 5v5 are independent of one another.

I didnt talk about the MMR and 5v5 , just 3v3 ranked
I got a player picked alpha into koshka and built stormcrown first
Now this guy countered himself by picking alpha against the early game monster , and he actually somehow survived the early game , but countered himself again by building stormcrown against the koshka aftershock , which made the game end early for us .

Oh sorry, I conflated your message with the one above my reply mentioning 5v5

I strongly agree that it would be good to have a unified hud and cam system across all game modes.

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Xal, come LoL SEA and teach me how to play ;-: my brain hurt from learning.

Last 5v5 I was Celeste duo mid lane roaming the entire map when my comidlaner held the lane.

I used my stuns to enable allies to flee while they were under pressure. I kept sniping with solarstorm in all directions.

I do the same with gwen or Ozo now played all 3 lanes.

You either push your lane or help a laner that is getting pushed. Enemy overextends in a 2v1 believing they have the upper hand and boom you come in ganking and level the playing field from the flank or the back.

2 wins 1 loss in that order. I roamed with all 3 as soon as my lane was safe. That allows you to get buffs gold and exp. The cam system is a delight cause you set up anti ganking.


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How!? I played my first roam 5v5 yesterday and I was overwhelmed! I’ll try to use your tip.

You’ll get used to it. If I had to add onto that, rush Travel Boots and stay out of vision at all possible times. Rushing travel boots allows you to rotate to bot and top extraordinary quickly, and staying out of vision can surprise fools when you suddenly gank top lane. Remember to never miss a chance to go aggressive; many laners don’t have the map awareness to know when to back off, so you and your laner can quickly try to rush in to catch them off guard.

Also note that many allies feel several times more comfortable diving and pushing turrets when they have a fountain around. If you can, try to stay in areas where turrets are being pressured mid game.

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