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3v3 as malene 3.10 patch


3rd match as malene. @VaKTaBi :crazy_face:


Why would anyone pick wp idris? They deserved the lose.


Well played, but why so much defense?


Koshka incoming damage? Pulseweave to allow malene to engage or flee quickly without her using her light B often.

Stormcrown + aftershock was enough to dish out damage. I was about to build shatterglass but welp

And also their team was really focusing on me… so malene is quishy too


Decided to play as captain Malene.


Malene has good CC, so can be played as an off meta captain. Well played. I guess you made early pressure?


Don’t player shame, please – the IGNs are visible in that screenshot, so calling out players for their performance is not acceptable here.


They keep diving to her… but joule did well on her with her ult


More or less… i tried to slow and bait them… they took the bait most of the time.