3v3 as malene 3.10 patch

Against Vox, Skaarf and Ylva…

Vox was annoying me by taunting and I taught his ass a lesson

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2nd rank match today as Malene.

Aftershock and stormcrown is enough for malene synergise with and take down enemies

So you won against triple carry with a broken hero lol (and against Vox who is right now one of the weakest carries)

The second one seems interesting, specially against that Skye (Malene could have some problems landing skills), but the next time, put builds XD

Well done anyway :smiley:

Malene isn’t broken this patch. She was slightly buff

And sorry for not adding builds.

Malene is broken in 3v3. She was already strong and got a big buff.

FWIW, I don’t see that match in your history on VGPRO …

It’s not updated. I checked too… it’s shows my yesterday match instead of today’s

Oh really. Didn’t knew. All the more to abuse it

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Ah, here’s why …

In fact, matches are delayed in all regions:

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0.o oh okay…

Wow… thanks anywayz

Thats what 3v3 is now: abuse the most broken hero. Hint: Joule is even more busted (she is also broken in 5v5 lol) and baron is less broken than joule but more than the others. Pick baron + malene and its insta win: with malene’s strenght in the early game you make sure Baron reaches late game, and in late game baron will be doing +1000 damage per AA.


I know… i think baron > joule late game…

Surprisely malene can counter joule but not against baron.
I don’t feel malene as broken as she was during release.

The reason I could dish those damage was because of aftershock and stormcrown + shatterglass (last)
Last 3 item were utility build for malene.

She is stronger now because they lowered her cooldown on ult and added little damage buff to her light and dark A.

Late game its 55-45 in favour of joule, problem is that joule is very strong early one in this mode.

I dont think so, with how strong joule is right now i would say 60-40 in favour of joule. keep in mind her passive blocks most of your attacks and heavily out damages malene.

Definitely, right now beating a baron is extremely hard, specially late game where even with MJ his AA deals more than 1k damage each. You can AA+B in the spot you are in to instantly double AA, which means that in 1s youve literally dealt more than 3k damage to a hero.

She isnt as broken of course. her main strenght in this mode is her ability to snowball hard or protect her team’s early game to allow a hypercarry scale (reason why she is usually paired with baron).

Ohh. Ever since this patch. I never seen many sea users playing malene… in 3v3 or 5v5… maybe it just sea region. They prefer broken and easy hero…

Malene might too hard for them to get used to…

But i might try baron + malene. Interesting.
Yep true , this patch. I am having eaiser time to snowball. Double empowered attack from dark + stormcrown.

In this mode early game is stupidly broken, so most early game heroes are strong. Only 2 late game heroes are considered top tier: magnus, because he just doesnt care about snowballing, one good ult and you are back; and baron, because isnt as easy to snowball as he used to be, and with a strong early game hero he just outscales everyone so hard you cant do anything against him late game.
Good luck trying that comp :slight_smile:

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Magnus baron and malene… a dream team.:crazy_face:

Of course! magnus roam op. 30303030

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I was thinking of malene as roamer :unamused:

But then you dont have jungler! And you need malene to snowball :upside_down_face:

Actually the magnus ability to turn around the game even if a lot behind (as with 60s respawn time in the late game, it’s GG if aced/lose hard a team fight), is really bad design. Also he can pull it off even if a not that skilled player is playing him, just a not calculated lucky combo of skills/ult = GG. This is the reason he is a priority ban even this patch in a lot of games.